Fun Activities & Skills Training (FAST) Game Night!

Fun Activities & Skills Training (FAST) Game Night!

May 23, 2020

It has been a lot of fun getting to connect with those of you who have participated in our bi-weekly FAST Zoom meetings. This time around we are moving our meeting to Thursday night at 7 PM. During the first couple of sessions we have discussed many aspects of virtual/distance learning such as accessing materials, navigating google classroom, socializing with peers, finding accessible games, and of course working with various types of devices (and even troubleshooting some issues during the meeting). This upcoming Thursday we will be having a game night lead by our very own Access Technology instructor Brett Boyer. We are planning to play a bit of trivia, “Heads Up”, and another game or two.

We will be using the same call in/log in information that we have used during our previous calls.

If you have any questions or for the information, please reach out to Martin Becerra-Miranda via phone at (303)778-1130 extension 223 or via email at

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