Spring Into Action FAST AND Learning Box Combined Activity

Spring Into Action FAST AND Learning Box Combined Activity

April 23, 2022

From the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado,  the Colorado Center for the Blind and the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults

We’re combining FAST and learning Box again this month for an all in-person Saturday afternoon of fun and learning! We have two activities planned for students: learning about planting and playing goalball. Students will get to do both.

Ann Cunningham will teach about the life stages of a lima bean, from germination to a full-grown plant. She will have tactile pictures and plants in several stages of growth that students will explore. Then students will plant seeds in a small planter box. They will also have an option to take home lima beans and necessary supplies for planting more.

Of course there will be Goalball in the gym, and everyone gets to play! Do we have to say that goalball is a lot of fun? But it also offers the lessons of any team sport – teamwork, collaboration, and communication.


For Parents

Parents of blind children and blind parents will collaborate on making fun snacks for all the kids. members of the Blind Parents’ Division of the National Federation of the Blind of Colorado will lead the activity by teaching their sighted fellow parents safe and effective nonvisual techniques in the kitchen. These are techniques parents can then teach to their own children in order to help foster greater age-appropriate independence.


For Young Children

We invite all members of the Blind Parents’ Division to attend with their little ones. Our younger participants can plant lima beans. Afterwards, they can spend time with friends, playing various games, such as Red Light, Green Light. One of our blind parents will read a braille story to the children. Supervision and snacks will be provided.


Click on this sentence because it’s the link to register your student by April 18.

If you have any further questions, please contact Anahit Labarre, alabarre@cocenter.org or 303-778-1130,,223.

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