Summer 2014 StudentNow Knows She Can

Editor’s Note: Annalyn, a 17-year-old from South Carolina, was part of our Earn and Learn Program in 2014. She worked at the Auraria Childcare Center with infants and toddlers, taking a 20-minute light rail ride to work early each morning. She wrote this thank-you letter in perfect contracted Braille with her slate and stylus. The next morning, our next-to-last day in the Summer 2014 Youth Programs, she read it aloud to Brent and Julie at our morning announcements. Read the letter and you might see why Brent and Julie were momentarily speechless, but also why we do what we do at the Colorado Center for the Blind.

Dear Brent and Julie,

Annalyn seated at the piano in the Center's lobby Thank you so much for your full effort, time, and consideration in order to make this summer happen. You two have changed my perspective in life in the context of who I am. And I am so grateful. I came to this summer camp empty handed, and I’m going home armored with the knowledge of who I really am.

I am still Anna, but I can cook, clean, travel places, and access my technology. All of which are the perfect tools that can provide me with my needs in the real world. I couldn’t have done it without this training [program], and what made this summer change people’s lives such as I, is the people who have the heart and passion to make it happen. Thank you so much Brent and Julie. I’m going to get on the airplane with tears of joy and gratitude. I know now that just because someone says otherwise, doesn’t mean I can’t, because I can. Anything I set my mind on, I can fulfill. And I have you guys to thank with all my gratitude.



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