Take our 2016 ITP video in smaller bites

We’ve taken our new Independence Training Program 2016 video and broken it down into smaller bites for YouTube viewers. We completed the new video and posted it in June, just in time for the NFB Convention in Orlando.

That video is just over 22 minutes in length, a fair bit longer than the average YouTube viewer probably gives his or her attention, especially when watching videos on the run. So we broke things into what we hope are a little more bite-sized sections.

Try this short sequence, “What is Independence?” in which some staff respond to that question:

At our annual CCB Night at convention, as well as at our table in the Exhibit Hall, we passed out cards with the the YouTube address for the center in large print, Braille, and imbedded in a QR code.

What’s a QR code? Similar to a bar code, it actually can contain different kinds of information. In this case, we put the youtube.com/cocenterorg web address in the code.

How do you read it? With smart phones, there are a number of QR reading apps that will read and activate a web address from the QR code. In fact, at CCB Night our Tech Instructors showed visitors how the process work using an iOS app called QR Scanner. Reading the QR code on our card instantly opened the URL to our YouTube page, and gave access to all the videos we’ve posted over the past few years, especially our Independence Training Program 2016 video.

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