Thanks for stopping by for our 2017 #WesternWelcomeWeek Tours!

a montage of WWW tour of photos described in the caption

Row 1: Lia uses a Perkins Brailler to write names in Braille while 3 smiling Children stand around with their Dad. Three children reference a Braille alphabet card and use the muffin tin and tennis balls to make letters; A retired couple looks at the historical photos on the wall; Peter shows a group how he uses the iPhone to identify money.
Row 2: Daniel demonstrates to a large crowd how to throw the Goal Ball; One boy about 14 takes a turn wearing the sleepshades and throwing the Goal Ball; An early middle school aged boy blocks the ball with Cezar; (Center) A large group is gathered around the table in the Travel Lobby while Jay talks about the model of Englewood Station; Cody talks to a group in the kitchen about why it is important for Blind people to learn to cook in a standard kitchen; 8 year-old Naomi touches the dots while her mom holds open a Braille Cook Book;
Row 3: A large group in the wood shop gathers around Jesse as he sands a shield-shaped piece of wood he is making into his Family Crest. Anthony shows people how to use the sensational Blackboard to make tactile drawings. Yolanda works with two Middle School aged girls who close their eyes and touch a sculpture of a Bear with a Fish in its mouth and try to guess what it is.

More than 70 people stopped by the Colorado Center for the Blind on Monday for a tour, and we’d like to send out a big “Thank you!” to all of you!

This is the third year we’ve opened our doors for tours as part of Littleton’s Western Welcome Week. We’re always excited to meet new neighbors who want to find out what we’re all about. This year, we even had some who returned for a second time!

So, thanks to all who came and if you couldn’t make it, we’ll be part of WWW next year too – and we’ll see you in the parade on Saturday!

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