Vika’s Monster Route: It’ll Turn Your Hair Blue!

As students near the end of their program, they must plan and execute a “Monster Route.” Listen to Vika talk about hers. She graduates in a week!

2 responses to “Vika’s Monster Route: It’ll Turn Your Hair Blue!”

  1. Way to go! I graduated from the center back in the 90’s and one of the things they helped me with most was travel, but when I was a student, they called a monster route a “final drop”. I’ll never forget mine and how proud I was when I finished it. It was a blast! You should be so proud!

    • Thanks for the comment Wendy – we still do a drop in which we literally drop a student off in a location unknown to them. They must find their way back to the Center independently, and are allowed to ask just one question on the way. That is another real test of travel skills!

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