Waiting for the Next Snowstorm

A snow person wearing sleepshades and pandemic mask
Students built this snow person after a big snowstorm at the end of February, and named her Callie Rado, a true testament to these times as a student at CCB.

When a foot of snow fell in late February, students leaped at the chance to make a snow person, as they called it. For those from warmer regions of the country, it was their first such creation. The result, pictured here, was affectionately dubbed Callie Rado. Wearing sleepshades and a pandemic face mask, she is a testament to being a student at the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2020 and 2021. In the warm days of the last couple of weeks, Callie of course diminished considerably.

But there is yet hope of her resurgence, a come-back story for Callie Rado, if you will. Students at our McGeorge Mountain Terrace are all tucked in for what is expected to be an even bigger snowfall this weekend. We all spent the past few days on Colorado’s Front Range laying in groceries, planning for ovens baking, steaming stews on the stove and streaming programs. Snow shovels have been dispersed throughout the apartment complex and ice-melt buckets replenished. As preparations continued and anticipation rose, murmurings of rejuvenating Callie Rado could be heard in the halls of CCB at week’s end.

Now, on Saturday morning, we wait. The snow has yet to come, just a light mist and a temperature of 39 degrees, now 37, and the air smells damp and cleaner than it has any business doing in smog-plagued Denver. But we know that March is our snowiest month, and we wait. yes, we wait for Callie Rado to rise again!

a group of students labor in the snow to build a snow person
Students took advantage of a big snowstorm in late February to work on a snow person at the McGeorge Mountain Terrace Apartments. Some students from warmer states don’t get this chance at home.