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  • Waiting for the Next Snowstorm

    A snow person wearing sleepshades and pandemic mask

    A snow person wearing sleepshades and pandemic mask
    Students built this snow person after a big snowstorm at the end of February, and named her Callie Rado, a true testament to these times as a student at CCB.

    When a foot of snow fell in late February, students leaped at the chance to make a snow person, as they called it. For those from warmer regions of the country, it was their first such creation. The result, pictured here, was affectionately dubbed Callie Rado. Wearing sleepshades and a pandemic face mask, she is a testament to being a student at the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2020 and 2021.… Read the rest “Waiting for the Next Snowstorm”


  • Walking the Virtual Halls at CCB

    A mostly black-and-white screen shot of the Zoom app, showing Breakout Rooms in Progress

    Moving out of your virtual classroom into the main “lobby,” you could very easily run into a classmate or another instructor, identifiable by their name in the participants list. Not by their video image, however, because of course class time, even remotely, is sleep shade time, too. Still, you might unmute yourself and exchange a few words before choosing your next classroom from the list of breakout rooms.

    The final three weeks of classes at CCB for 2020 were virtual, as are these first two weeks of 2021. Since Thanksgiving, we held regular classes on the Zoom platform, but doing so in a way that only became possible with the addition of a new feature this fall.… Read the rest “Walking the Virtual Halls at CCB”


  • “Katie Goes to Blind School” #ColoradoGives

    Colorado Gives Day Logo 12.8.20

    Good evening!

    This is the last blast for Colorado Gives Day. Promise.

    There’s still time to donate to the Colorado Center for the Blind at
    the Colorado Gives pageColorado Gives Day Logo 12.8.20

    And as your reward for clicking on this post, you get to meet Katie. She’s a career social worker whose degenerative eye condition interrupted her professional employment, so she came for training. For the past three months she’s been posting regularly on her Face Book page about her journey at CCB. She calls this “Katie Goes to Blind School.” Here’s a portion of a post about learning to travel with a long white cane, and the other things she is learning along the way.… Read the rest ““Katie Goes to Blind School” #ColoradoGives”


  • “No End in Sight”, CCB Student Podcast launches: https://bit.ly/2ORWE0x

    No End in Sight

    No End in SightIt could be called a convergence. A handful of students who want to talk about their blindness, what they are learning at the Colorado Center for the Blind, how they are learning about being blind and proud – and how they’ve learned from their teachers, but especially one another, to laugh at themselves when they make mistakes.

    And yes, at one another.

    Couple that with the recent arrival of Brett Boyer, a CCB alum and experienced commercial broadcaster, as our newest Technology instructor, and you have a – well, imperfect storm.

    What you get is “No End in Sight”, a monthly podcast featuring Boyer and a rotating cast of CCB students which launches this week.… Read the rest ““No End in Sight”, CCB Student Podcast launches: https://bit.ly/2ORWE0x”


  • Blind people need to know about colors too, & Other First-day-of-summer Lessons

    Cadence shows how to tell which one is her Backpack on the hooks

    Cadence knows which is her Backpack by reading the Braille label beneath  the hookThat was one of the first lessons of the first day of summer for Confidence Camp kids this morning.

    “If someone asks you what your backpack looks like, what are you going to tell them?” the lesson continued.

    Yes, Monday began with learning for the 10 5 to 12-year-olds. It went on from there, including making lunches, and there will be plenty more lessons in independence and fun over the next two weeks. Lots of fun too – their day ended with a trip to the pool for a swim. Now that’s summer!

    And then there were the 23 teenagers in our Earn & Learn and College Prep programs in their first day of classes.… Read the rest “Blind people need to know about colors too, & Other First-day-of-summer Lessons”


  • A Last Look at CCB Thanksgiving 2017

    Dishon, Maureen and Vicki around the L shaped tables loaded with hotel tray full of food for Thanksgiving 2017s

    Starting with a little turkey structured discovery right up to the point where we start stuffing our faces, when the videographer puts away his camera to get in line. Even journalism has its natural limits.


  • Plenty to be thankful for: Our 2017 #Thanksgiving Feast!

    Lia, Ravi, Mason S. and Mason M. prepare four large turkeys to go into the ovens

    Lia, Ravi, Mason S. and Masson M. prepare four large turkeys to go into the ovens

    There was plenty on Thursday, November 16 – plenty to eat and to be thankful for at our 100-percent student-prepared Thanksgiving Feast!

    It’s tradition at the Colorado Center for the Blind to hold our own Thanksgiving feast before we break for visits to family and friends on the official holiday. Our students cook it all with the guidance of our unparalleled Home Management staff, and there are always a lot of “firsts”.

    For example, every year there are students who have never seen what a turkey looks like just out of the refrigerator. So on Tuesday, with serving gloves on, students examined and explored the four turkeys that eventually became our dinner.… Read the rest “Plenty to be thankful for: Our 2017 #Thanksgiving Feast!”


  • A Peek at Hands-on with the “Shared Visions” 2017 Exhibit @ArapahoeCC #TactileAccess

    Adia, Mason M. and Cezar look at the Old Man Wincing while Ravi reads the Braille description

    Adia, Mason M. and Cezar look at the Old Man Wincing while Ravi reads the description provided in Braille

    Here are a few photos from the Shared Visions reception at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts at Arapahoe Community College on Thursday night. Everyone got hands on with pieces from Nathan Abels’ painting and drawing classes. CCB students also had laser-cuts of drawings they made in Ann Cunningham’s art class with accompanying Haiku, and CCB alum Jenny Callahan had a number of stone carvings and a bronze in the show. The Seniors art class had bowls thrown on the wheel in Katie Caron’s ceramics studio. Katie brought her daughter, who insisted on wearing sleepshades so she could try to identify the art tactilely.… Read the rest “A Peek at Hands-on with the “Shared Visions” 2017 Exhibit @ArapahoeCC #TactileAccess”


  • Snow Already!

    David K. walks through the snow on a winter morning

    David K. walks through the snow on a winter morning

    If you’re on the Front Range of Colorado this post won’t surprise you, because you drove/walked/bussed in a steadily-falling snow this morning.

    But let’s admit it – this 3 to 5 inches of snow is a bit early this year, just think of all those trees whose leaves have yet to drop! Tonight will be a killing freeze, whith temps in the low 20s. That will likely mean an icy commute tomorrow morning. Tricky, but it’s part of the deal. Blind people have to go to work in good weather and bad, just like anyone else. And that’s what we teach and expect here at the Center.… Read the rest “Snow Already!”


  • Summer Was Fun, and Especially Our Saturday Science Day!

    Trevor with Maggie and Amy assembling robots

    Trevor with Maggie and Amy assembling robots

    Here are a few pics from our Science Saturday way back in July! Studens rotated between three stations – basic chemistry, a station dedicated to weather, and a robotics class using Lego Mindstorms.

    With the first serious fall weather this week – misty rain, leaves turning and starting to litter the lawns and sidewalks – it’s kind of fun to think about how hot it was that day out front with the bucket and the hose!

    The point of course is to show our students that blind people can do science and – Wow! – it’s even fun!

    Ashley working with Keila on edible candle science project
    Maggie and Lauren watch as as their experiment produces gas that inflates balloons


    Ashley simulates how a tornado looks using a bucket and water, with Roland, Faye and Keishawn. Our volunteer Kaylooks on.


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