Zukes, Cukes, Pumpkins & Peas: 1st Garden Planting!

A large group working out in the garden

It’s still too chilly for tender basil and eggplant and jalepeños, not to mention tomatoes and tomatillosand thyme, but it was a great morning to plant seeds in our Legacy Garden with Arapahoe County’s Master Gardeners! So that’s what happened – Jen and Carina’s 1st hour Braille classes went out first, followed by Tech classes with Chip, Chris and Showe.

By next week, the night airs will be considerably warmer, and we’ll be able to put in our plants. For now, it’s exciting – the growing season is definitely underway!

Kyra planting peas under a metal trellis
Cezar and Joann planting cucumbers under a wooden trellis


Libby planting a pumpkin patch in the center of the garden
Lexi planting cucumbers under a trellis


Zach H. on one knee with one of the Master Gardeners planting zucchini in the center of the garden
Ceci poking a hole with one finger and a hand full of tiny seeds in the other hand


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