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Technology Giveaway in Memory of Former Summer Student, Staffer Megan Bening

Grinning, Megan shows the Apple watch on her wrist to the camera

Megan Models the first generation Apple Watch just before it was available to purchase. (Photo courtesy of Jean Bening)

We want to tell people about the Megan Bening Memorial Fund Technology Giveaway by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) because it will put over $10,000 of technology into the hands of blind and low vision students. But we also want to tell you about it because Megan Bening was one of our own.

Megan Bening was a summer student at the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2009.

“She had such a spark,” said Director Julie Deden. “That’s why we were so excited to have her back as a summer staff member.”

Megan came back to teach technology to our summer students in 2015. As a staff member she was thoughtful and committed to teamwork, says our Summer Programs Coordinator Martin Becerra-Miranda, passionate about teaching tech to her students, and the young blind women with whom she lived and mentored for two months adored her. There was only one Megan in this world, and we were deeply saddened at her passing last year – so young, so suddenly.

Megan loved technology. Does that really need to be said? Yes, but only for those who were not lucky enough to meet Megan. and that’s why this memorial fund to put vital assistive technology in the hands of blind kids is the perfect tribute to her. She would be drooling over the list of tech items to be given away. The Giveaway will occur at the National Federation of the Blind Convention in Orlando during the NOPBC’s hospitality night on July 3. Children up to 18 yearrs of age who register for the NOPBC conference are eligible.

Learn More About the Megan Bening Memorial Fund Technology Giveaway

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