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  • Technology Giveaway in Memory of Former Summer Student, Staffer Megan Bening

    Grinning, Megan shows the Apple watch on her wrist to the camera

    We want to tell people about the Megan Bening Memorial Fund Technology Giveaway by the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children (NOPBC) because it will put over $10,000 of technology into the hands of blind and low vision students. But we also want to tell you about it because Megan Bening was one of our own.

    Megan Bening was a summer student at the Colorado Center for the Blind in 2009.

    “She had such a spark,” said Director Julie Deden. “That’s why we were so excited to have her back as a summer staff member.”

    Megan came back to teach technology to our summer students in 2015.… Read the rest “Technology Giveaway in Memory of Former Summer Student, Staffer Megan Bening”


  • A Fitting Finale: Summer Youth Programs 2015

    Students and counselors lined up in choir fashion singing

    The Summer Youth Programs for 2015 ended July 29 with a talent show, and this fitting finale dedicated to Youth Services Director Brent Batron:




  • The Last Week of July 2015

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    It’s the last week of July, and at the Colorado Center for the Blind we’re fighting the feeling that summer is almost over. We know that there are still weeks of hot weather, lovely warm Colorado evenings to enjoy.

    But that vague anxiety is fueled as the last week of July saw our 22 summer students graduating on Wednesday, cleaning and packing on Thursday and leaving on Friday. Many of them are starting school in the first week of August. For them, summer truly is about over.

    It was a big week, and a big summer. Eighteen students flew out from DIA Friday, and these Face Book posts give a sense of the momentousness of the last week of July – and the last two months:

    From Shay: Here at the airport, waiting to go home.

    Read the rest “The Last Week of July 2015”


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