Celebrating Our Volunteers

Group shot CCB Volunteers 2018

Thirteen is our lucky number when you look at the Rogue’s Gallery in this photo. These are thirteen volunteers who contribute so muchto the Colorado Center for the Blind and to our students. Yet they humbly protest that they get back more than they give. We suppose that’s their call, but we’re telling you they give a lot. They teach Braille to seniors and drive vans, sort through the truckloads of Bed, Bath and beyond donations we received last year, teach students how to write a resume and several read a section or two of the ACT to one of our students. They drive students to rock climb and ski and sky dive, from the airport when they first arrive and back when they graduate, to job interviews and doctor appointments. If it’s true that nonprofits run on volunteers, then it’s no mystery why we’re in such great shape!

So beyond the excellent Romano’s pizza, here’s our thanks to Diane, Janet, John, Carolyn, Geoff, Mike, Josie, Ron, Bill, Kay, Sharon, Julie and Greg! And that also goes for Tony, Soosan, William and Casey who couldn’t make it today!

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