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  • It may be the flowering of a great new partnership!

    three professional women smile while standing in front of a flowering crab apple tree

    three professional women smile while standing in front of a flowering crab apple tree

    We were excited to welcome Circuit Media leadership for a recent visit at the center. Rebecca, Lisa, Karen and Ellie sat down with Executive Director Julie Deden and members of the management team to discuss a possible partnership, including Circuit Media staff serving as volunteers and possible internships for students. (Rebecca, Karen and Ellie are shown in the photo above.)

    Circuit Media, a 20-year-old company headquartered in Denver, is a digital communications and design agency working in both the private and government sectors. Since its inception, it has also fostered socially-conscious service to the community. Indeed, Circuit Media has incorporated accessible digital design as a matter of conscience and compliance into its business products.… Read the rest “It may be the flowering of a great new partnership!”


  • Giving Back – A Tribute to Robert Dyson

    Robert is serving as a judge for the student “Chopped” contest

    By Julie Deden

    For the past 16 years when you called the Center, you would talk to Robert. His welcoming voice was the hallmark of the Center and our NFB office.  Shortly after the first of the year, Robert let us know that he’d decided to move to Canon City to be close to his family. He had planned to leave at the end of April, and we hadn’t even made a public announcement. And then the center had to close down daily operations due to COVID-19. As we all shifted to working from home and daily Zoom calls, Robert took to the phone and began calling our most recent alumni to see how they were faring under the new, extreme conditions.… Read the rest “Giving Back – A Tribute to Robert Dyson”


  • Celebrating Our Volunteers

    Group shot CCB Volunteers 2018

    Group shot CCB Volunteers 2018

    Thirteen is our lucky number when you look at the Rogue’s Gallery in this photo. These are thirteen volunteers who contribute so muchto the Colorado Center for the Blind and to our students. Yet they humbly protest that they get back more than they give. We suppose that’s their call, but we’re telling you they give a lot. They teach Braille to seniors and drive vans, sort through the truckloads of Bed, Bath and beyond donations we received last year, teach students how to write a resume and several read a section or two of the ACT to one of our students.… Read the rest “Celebrating Our Volunteers”


  • Meet the Volunteers Who Give Time to Our Programs

    The holidays are a time of giving, and our volunteers at CCB give a lot of their time to drive, read and other necessary tasks at the center. We invited them to a lunch in October, but let’s also acknowledge all they give at this time of giving and sharing.


  • Shout out to @RiceCCL Volunteers!

    Students in sleepshades examine the mode of a brain on the table between them

    Here’s a shout out to this year’s crew from Rice University in Houston who came to work as volunteers on March 16 and 17. They spend an “Alternative Spring Break” volunteering, first at Winter Park with the NSCD adaptive ski program, and then in Littleton.

    No, no skiing. At the Center they helped move and assemble furniture for our summer apartments (it’ll be here before we know it), as well as cleaning and organizing in the pool (storage) room.

    That’s right, we saved the really fun stuff for Rice!

    But they also got a little mini-course under sleepshades that included tech, Braille and travel.… Read the rest “Shout out to @RiceCCL Volunteers!”


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