How to get full, really and thankfully full on FAST Saturday!

Brittany not only volunteered on FAST Saturday, she also volunteered her best-ever mashed potato recipe. Here she has three high school students slicing the spuds.

Saturday, November 10 was a full day – full of learning and, by about 1:30, we were all just full. Twenty-four came for our FAST (Fun Activities and Skills Training) Thanksgiving meal. A mix of blind youth, parents, teachers, staff and volunteers (and one little brother) made an early Thanksgiving meal, substituting chickens for a turkey. Everybody got a hand in the preparations and the feast that followed! Four parents also took the opportunity to practice skills under sleepshades, doing everything from slicing carrots to taking pies from the oven.

Yes, we’re full of thanks for all who came, for the teenagers hanging out by the piano after it was all put away, and for the leftovers, naturally!

Parents got in on the learning Saturday, too. Julie explains and then demonstrates how to safely remove a pumpkin pie from a hot oven to a dad in sleepshades.

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