Beth at the coffee machine behind the counter at Dirt Coffee

Yes, summer is racing to its conclusion, especially for our Summer Earn & Learn students. for the past two weeks these high school-aged students have been work and getting paid. For many, it’s the first job they’ve had. For others, like Beth in the photo above, it’s her first job since becoming blind a year ago.

How important is that first job for our blind youth? A sense of success, of confidence in their capabilities, and some cold, hard cash in their pockets? Yes, yes and yes! Simply, every great career has to start with that first job or internship. Since blind youth too often don’t get those kinds of opportunities, we create them with the help of our friends and neighbors in Littleton and the greater metro area. So this is also a shout out to all of them! Thanks for helping get our 2018 youth off on the right foot!

  • Primrose Preschool of Littleton, Emily
  • The Right Step (Littleton), Brett, Cheyenne & Morgan
  • Arapahoe Community College ELearning Center (Littleton), Lexi & Jake
  • Arc of Colorado (Littleton), Layla & Anthony
  • Pawcus Foods (Federal Center), Kameron & Luc
  • Dirt Coffee (Littleton), Beth
  • Audio Information Network  of Colorado (Boulder), Michael
  • CCB Senior Program,  Nicholas
  • CCB Front Desk,Luisa
  • Holy Trinity Lutheran Church (Littleton), Madyson

Luisa takes a phone call at the Front Desk at the Colorado Center for the Blind

Brett inspects fence posts that need to be replaced at The Right Step Horse Ranch


Cheyenne counts how many fence posts need to be replaced at the Right Step Horse Ranch
Anthony checks to make sure all of the clothing on the racks have tags at the Arc Thrift Store


Lexi works with a laptop on components for a movie script
Maddy sorts through stacks of paperwork at Trinity Lutheran Church


Morgan looks at a fence post that needs to be replaced at the Right Step Horse Ranch
Nick teaches Susan how to read Braille in the Senior Program at the Colorado Center for the Blind
Luc sprays off large pans in the kitchen
Kameron runs a large hotel tray through a commercial dish washer


Layla works with a rack of shirts making sure all buttons are fastened and all of them have tags at the Arc Thrift Store