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  • Is summer really coming to an end? Our Summer Earn and Learn Students finish up their jobs Friday! #ShareLittleton

    Beth at the coffee machine behind the counter at Dirt Coffee

    Yes, summer is racing to its conclusion, especially for our Summer Earn & Learn students. for the past two weeks these high school-aged students have been work and getting paid. For many, it’s the first job they’ve had. For others, like Beth in the photo above, it’s her first job since becoming blind a year ago.

    How important is that first job for our blind youth? A sense of success, of confidence in their capabilities, and some cold, hard cash in their pockets? Yes, yes and yes! Simply, every great career has to start with that first job or internship.… Read the rest “Is summer really coming to an end? Our Summer Earn and Learn Students finish up their jobs Friday! #ShareLittleton”


  • Kansas Comings & Goings Today at CCB

    Luther Fuller of Kansas reading Braille before the National Braille Challenge

    Luther Fuller of Kansas reads Braille before leaving for the National Braille Challenge

    The NFB of Kansas President dropped by for a quick visit and tour this afternoon. Tom Page and his friend Nicole are in the area with Tom’s string band, the Haymakers. They played in Colorado Springs last night and will be in Denver at Cervantes’ Other Side tonight. Though a number of Kansas students have come to CCB for training over the years, this was Tom’s first chance to see the Center.

    “The energy is amazing,” he said.

    Tom and Nicole bumped into another Kansan this afternoon while visiting. Luther Fuller is part of the Summer for Success (College Prep) Program this summer.… Read the rest “Kansas Comings & Goings Today at CCB”


  • Blind people need to know about colors too, & Other First-day-of-summer Lessons

    Cadence shows how to tell which one is her Backpack on the hooks

    Cadence knows which is her Backpack by reading the Braille label beneath  the hookThat was one of the first lessons of the first day of summer for Confidence Camp kids this morning.

    “If someone asks you what your backpack looks like, what are you going to tell them?” the lesson continued.

    Yes, Monday began with learning for the 10 5 to 12-year-olds. It went on from there, including making lunches, and there will be plenty more lessons in independence and fun over the next two weeks. Lots of fun too – their day ended with a trip to the pool for a swim. Now that’s summer!

    And then there were the 23 teenagers in our Earn & Learn and College Prep programs in their first day of classes.… Read the rest “Blind people need to know about colors too, & Other First-day-of-summer Lessons”


  • Join us with @NFBCO & @ComcastColo for the First #6DotDashCO on June 24!

    Four runners with the NFBCO 6 Dot Dash Logo in the lower-right corner

    Four runners with the NFBCO 6 Dot Dash Logo in the lower-right cornerDear Friends –

    We want to bring your attention to an exciting event taking place here at the Colorado Center for the Blind on Sunday, June 24.

    At least, it will start and finish at the Center, because it is the national Federation of the Blind of Colorado’s first 6 Dot Dash 5K, and we invite you to register and walk, run or roll! Funds raised go to the NFB of Colorado, the organization that founded the Colorado Center for the Blind and whose fund-raising kept the doors of the CCB open for many years afterward. The practical application of the philosophy we teach here at the Center is the philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind, whose tag line is “Blindness is not what holds you back.… Read the rest “Join us with @NFBCO & @ComcastColo for the First #6DotDashCO on June 24!”


  • The First Week of Summer Means Lots of Firsts

    Amber using a shovel in the garden for the 1st time with Annette and Barb

    Amber turns dirt over in the garden with Annette and Master Gardener Barb

    No matter what the calendar says, it’s the first week of summer. The temps are in the 90s, the garden is being planted and summer staff are shadowing their ITP staff counterparts. Friday 25 teenagers (summer students) begin arriving and on Monday the elementary Confidence Camp kids start too.

    So here’s another first or two. Above, Amber uses a spade for the first time out in the garden. When asked if she’d dug with a shovel before she promptly answered, “I’m about to.” And then she proceeded to do it. In the process she and classmate Annette planted this years pumpkin and zucchini hills.… Read the rest “The First Week of Summer Means Lots of Firsts”


  • Dreaming of warmer weather? Announcing dates for our 2018 Summer Youth Programs!

    Four rafts head toward white water

    Summer 2018

    When it snows in Georgia, when it’s warmer in Atlanta, Idaho than it is in Atlanta, Georgia in January (I checked it, 32 versus 30 degrees) … Well, it’s time to talk about Summer 2018 and our residential youth programs! Below you will find the dates of our three residential programs, links to more detailed descriptions of each, the application form in PDF or MS Word, and contact info for our Summer Youth Coordinator, Martin Becerra-Miranda, so “think Warm!”

    Announcing 2018 Summer Youth Program Dates

    Summer for Success College Prep Program

    Ages: completed junior year in high school with focus on college
    Program dates: June 8 – August 3
    8-week residential program

    Earn and Learn High School Program

    Ages: 14 years or older and completed freshman year of high school
    Program dates: June8 – August 3
    8-week residential program

    Initiation to Independence Middle School Program

    Ages: 11-14
    Program dates: June 11 – June 29
    3-week residential program

    Download an Application or Get More Info

    For more information please contact:
    Martin Becerra-Miranda, Summer Youth Coordinator


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