It’s not 30 years of the Ice Cream Social, but a Crowd of 106 Did Raise a Cone to 30 Years of the CCB! CCB30th #ShareLittleton

Ellie smiles with her Ice Cream Cone

Yesterday we gathered 106 people into the meeting room for an ice cream social. It’s an event we hold every June because of course it’s summer and it’s hot and so ice cream tastes great!. But we also do it to mark how exciting June can be with our usual Independence Training Students and staff in the building with our Seniors, who are joined by the Confidence Camp kids and the older summer students in the Middle School, High School and College Prep programs.

And since this is the yer that the Colorado Center for the Blind turns 30, it’s a moment to reflect on how far the Center has come, and how far our many students have gone since leaving.

As Julie Deden pointed out, Diane McGeorge started the Center in 1988 with just five initial students.

“It’s amazing to think that we started with five students,” said Assistant Director Brent Batron, “and today we have six programs running in the building at the same time!”

Luisa with an Ice Cream Cone and a big smile
Duane got a Drumstick and is ready to go enjoy some Ice Cream


Fae enjoys an Ice Cream Sandwitch
Luke with a chocolate Ice Cream Cone

Master Gardeners enjoying Ice Cream

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