Kicking it in Karate

Student makes a High kick into a pad held by his instructor

We are excited about our new partnership with Karate Denver’s in Littleton. Martial Arts has long been a part of our Independence Training Program (ITP), and we’ve included classes in our Summer Youth and Senior Programs as well.

Man with fists in front of his face in defensive stanceLike everything we teach and do at the Center, it really comes down to confidence, but of course there are other benefits – fitness, balance, awareness of one’s surroundings and learning to recognize where you are in relation to others and objects.

Our first class with Karate Denver started up and will meet for six Tuesdays in our gym. We appreciate Jason and Rachel coming to the Center every week to work with our students.

Just watch those kicks if you go into the gym!
Woman takes her kick at the pad held by her instructor

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