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  • NF Challenge Olympic Day 2017

    CCB Summer students Mary and Cheyene get on the tandem bikes with EyeCycle Volunteers while Christina waits her turn

    There wasn’t time to sit still till lunch was served, but none were inclined to do so at Saturday’s #NFChallenge Olympic Day 2017. There were just too many things to try out – beep baseball demonstration with the Colorado Storm, judo and power-lifting, goal ball and tandem bicycling with Eye-Cycle! Everybody got to take a turn at three or four of these activities, and a few even took a second bike ride or got into a couple of actual goal ball matches!

    But participants were able to sit still long enough to listen to Paralympic runner Chaz Davis talk about how he went from “overweight and out-of-shape” to being the current record-holder in the marathon for blind and visually impaired runners.… Read the rest “NF Challenge Olympic Day 2017”


  • Congrats to Another Martial Arts Class!

    Martial Arts group - Orange Belts and Certificates - Travis, Ceci, Mike, Serena, David, Showe, Chaz and Rachael

    six class members stand in a semi-circle wearing their new Orange belts and hold certificates, flanked by two Karate Denver instructors

    Another Martial Arts group finished up on Tuesday, earning their orange belts from instructor Rachel. At the start of the ceremony, Rachel commented that each time she comes she is more aware of the spirit of independence and confidence that students and staff at the Center embody. From left to right are Travis, Ceci, Mike, Serena, David, Showe, Chaz and Rachael. Graham graduated from the Center in late April, but was part of this class. He received his orange belt before he left Colorado.


  • A Bustling Day in the Gym

    A group of Martial Arts Students to the left and a row of Archery Students to the right

    A group of Martial Arts Students to the left and a row of Archery Students to the right
    Okay, Tuesdays can get a little wild anyway, what with Seniors coming and filling up our large conference room all morning. You gotta believe us – we love having them!

    But meanwhile, down in the gym …

    We had both Martial arts and Archery happening all at once. The wildest imaginations might hve the martial arts students blocking and catching flying arrows, but that’s not at all the scenario. That’s just imagination …
    Click any of the images below to see a larger version:

    Zach H. takes aim with his Bow in Archery Class
    Sirena wards off an attacker in Martial Arts Class
    Lyne takes aim with her bow in Archery Class
    Suzi takes aim with her bow in Archery Class
    David D. wards off anattacker in Martial Arts Class
    Jesse takes aim with his bow in Archery Class
    Charles takes aim with his bow in Archery Class
    Graham in a fighting stance in Martial Arts Class
    Chaz throwing elbow jabs at the pad in Martial Arts Class


  • Belted Kingfisher, Orange Belts and Yoga’s Doggie Down: A Typical Tuesday at CCB

    Allie Blanca C.G Dan andMike walkingaround the pond at Sterne Park during Birding Class

    So this is how Tuesday goes at CCB sometimes.

    First thing this morning Alie Mays came for our “Birdying by Ear” class. Seven of us reviewed recordings of local bird songs, then walked over to Sterne Park, where we heard mallards, doves, goldfinches and of course Canada geese. Today’s mascot was the belted kingfisher, an unexpected find. He just kept calling and calling as he circled over the pond.

    Allie Blanca C.G Dan and Mike walking around the pond at Sterne Park during Birding Class
    A Mallard drake and two hens swim in the pond at Sterne Park
    Alie quizzes the class on local bird sounds

    In the Senior Resource Room something was happening called sugar scrub. Jenny Callahan led Seniors in making sugar scrub, using sugar (surprise) and oil and scents like lavender and almond. Whatever it is, it sure sounded fun to make, judging by the giggles and cackles.… Read the rest “Belted Kingfisher, Orange Belts and Yoga’s Doggie Down: A Typical Tuesday at CCB”


  • Body Pads and Karate Punches: Tuesday’s Orange Belts

    Rachael flies through the air as Steve flips her to the ground
    Another round of testing for the Martial Arts class on Tuesday was followed by an awards ceremony. The entire Center turned out in the gym as five students and Travel Instructor Steve Patten all received orange belts from Karate Denver instructors Rachel and Travis. Steve is a bit of a ringer, of course, since he already has a black belt in Judo and competed internationally.

    Brittany throws Travis flat on his back on the mats
    Warren holds on to his cane while throwing elbow jabbs at the pads
    Jimmi throws Rachael to the ground while keeping hold of his cane

    Each class meets for eight sessions in our gym, learning any number of defensive strategies and moves, punches, kicks and holds. This class included Jay, Jimmy, Warren, Brittany, warren and Courtney C along with Steve.… Read the rest “Body Pads and Karate Punches: Tuesday’s Orange Belts”


  • Tuesday Morning Snapshots

    a young woman in sleepshades takes her fighting stance

    While Marlene is getting ready to serve her final graduation meal (for 60) and Brigid is working on her own grad meal for tomorrow, let’s look back at Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, the extraordinary smells of both Christian’s chicken kababs and Kierra’s pot of red beans and rice cooking all Tuesday morning cannot be conveyed successfully to the reader in words or pictures. The odors wafting out of the kitchen made lots of stomachs growl. Just saying …

    Tech classes went out to the garden first thing in the morning. They brought in lots of great stuff – zucchini, an abundance of tomatillos, half a dozen eggplants and more.… Read the rest “Tuesday Morning Snapshots”


  • Kicking it in Karate

    Student makes a High kick into a pad held by his instructor

    We are excited about our new partnership with Karate Denver’s in Littleton. Martial Arts has long been a part of our Independence Training Program (ITP), and we’ve included classes in our Summer Youth and Senior Programs as well.

    Man with fists in front of his face in defensive stanceLike everything we teach and do at the Center, it really comes down to confidence, but of course there are other benefits – fitness, balance, awareness of one’s surroundings and learning to recognize where you are in relation to others and objects.

    Our first class with Karate Denver started up and will meet for six Tuesdays in our gym. We appreciate Jason and Rachel coming to the Center every week to work with our students.… Read the rest “Kicking it in Karate”


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