Tuesday Morning Snapshots

a young woman in sleepshades takes a fighting stance
Did the wonderful cooking odors contribute to Brittany’s fierceness as she took her fighting stance in Martial Arts Tuesday morning? Doesn’t matter. Don’t mess with her.

While Marlene is getting ready to serve her final graduation meal (for 60) and Brigid is working on her own grad meal for tomorrow, let’s look back at Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, the extraordinary smells of both Christian’s chicken kababs and Kierra’s pot of red beans and rice cooking all Tuesday morning cannot be conveyed successfully to the reader in words or pictures. The odors wafting out of the kitchen made lots of stomachs growl. Just saying …

Tech classes went out to the garden first thing in the morning. They brought in lots of great stuff – zucchini, an abundance of tomatillos, half a dozen eggplants and more. We don’t want this to get around,. but there are a couple of green pumpkins out there, too.

Later, a new martial arts class started with Rachel, which meant a lot of punching and kicking. Take a look at Brittany – she looks pretty fierce in her fighting stance. Maybe because she was getting so hungry smelling all that food!

a man attacks the pad held by his instructor
Jimmy throws a series of blows using the palm surface of his hands while Rachael holds the padd

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