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  • CCB’s 2020 Virtual Summer Sessions for Youth – Join Us!

    CCB Summer Tech Instructor engaged with his laptop and Smart Phone

    CCB Summer Tech Instructor engaged with his laptop and Smart Phone(Editor’s Note: We don’t blame you for wondering what is up with our summer programs for youth. The coronavirus and the subsequent shutdown orders put us into a scramble, affecting not only our youth programs, but seniors and the Independence Training Program, too. Here’s an announcement from our Youth Services Director Martin Becerra-Miranda that should clear things up.)

    by Martin Becerra-Miranda
    Each spring, as plans for our Summer Youth programming come together, Executive Director Julie Deden eventually exclaims, “This is going to be the best summer program ever!” Her positivity, encouragement, and support have not wavered one bit through the COVID-19 pandemic.… Read the rest “CCB’s 2020 Virtual Summer Sessions for Youth – Join Us!”


  • College Prep and Falafel @msudenver @ArapahoeCC

    Shaun, Davina, Loren, Mikayla and Dan cross at Church and Prince on the way to ACC

    Shaun, Davina, Loren, Mikayla and Dan cross at Church and Prince on the way to ACC

    Over the past couple of weeks, the college prep class has visited local campuses. Our thanks the staff at Metro’s Access Center and Arapahoe CC’s Student Access Services for sharing their time and expertise with us during our recent visits.

    When a blind student leaves high school and goes to college, the world tilts a bit, maybe even seems to wobble slightly on its axis. That’s because the rules change, because the laws governing disability change, and then there’s the part that effects sighted students too. Responsibility shifts more noticeably onto the student’s shoulders than ever before. The sooner students get their feet under them again, the more successful they will be.… Read the rest “College Prep and Falafel @msudenver @ArapahoeCC”


  • Announcing Our 2019 Summer Youth Programs

    Summer Students work with the LabQuest

    For 2019, we’ll offer our long-standing summer youth programs, including Confidence Camp/BELL and our 8-week residential program for high school and college-aged youth. But we’ll also offer shorter-term and more focused “modules”, describe below. For more information on our 2019 Summer Youth Programs, contact Martin Becerra-Miranda at 303-778-1130, ext. 2223, or mbecerra@cocenter.org.

    Confidence Camp/BELL Academy

    Dates: June 10 through June 21
    Ages: 5 to 10
    Location: Colorado Center for the Blind

    Program Description

    This two-week day program will be filled with learning, challenge and fun. Your child will meet competent blind role models who will work with the kids on cooking, cleaning, Braille, independent travel and technology.… Read the rest “Announcing Our 2019 Summer Youth Programs”


  • Access & #TactileLiteracy: A Day in Our College Prep Class

    Access to concepts and information presented in graphical form has long been a challenge for blind college students. In the past couple of decades the surge in digitally-displayed content has, well, gone supernova. Thus, blind college students need to develop basic tactile literacy with two- and thre-dimensional representations that their sighted peers may have learned much more informally through media such as picture books, television, film, or YouTube. Blind people learn how things look best by touch. Descriptions are a stop-gap, but only that. Thus, one aspect of our College Prep class’s goal of preparing our students to be savvy and nimble in gaining access to their studies involves taking a look at the kinds of things colleges may throw in front of them and expect them to be able to interpret.… Read the rest “Access & #TactileLiteracy: A Day in Our College Prep Class”


  • Our Independence Training Program Video Updated for 2016

    News Icon

    We’ve updated our Independence Training Program in time for the National Federation of the Blind’s 2016 convention June 30 to July 5 in Orlando. There are new voices as well as well-known ones, new insights and time-tested gems as well about how the Center’s program can help blind students take charge of their lives with confidence and self-reliance. It’s live, so take a peek on our YouTube channell now!



  • April Snow Showers, Community & Comcast Cares

    Workers with shoels, rakes and brooms in the snow and rain

    We’re still buzzing with the excitement of last Saturday. It’s not just the work, but it’s spirit of the folks who came and the shared effort!

    Saturday, April 30 dawned to several inches of wet snow on the Center’s grounds, and temperatures in the mid-30s. The rain mixed with snow continued all morning and afternoon, but it was Comcast Cares Day 2016 and dozens of Comcast employee-volunteers and their families showed up anyway to work on our landscaping and other tasks. They came because they said they would, and because this event is one of the largest corporate-sponsored volunteer programs in the US.… Read the rest “April Snow Showers, Community & Comcast Cares”


  • From Poor Kid to Prof, Eddie Bell Challenges Students to Challenge Themselves

    Dr. Edward (Eddie” Bell, Director of the Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness at Louisiana Tech University, visited the Colorado Center for the Blind on September 3. In Colorado to provide expert testimony to the Colorado Legislature’s Interim Study Committee on Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, he also presented an excellent philosophy class to our students, urging them to consider higher education as a means to economic independence.

    Describing himself as a “ghetto kid” from Albuquerque who’d already dropped out of school by the time he became blind, he told students that he had no plans ever to go to college.… Read the rest “From Poor Kid to Prof, Eddie Bell Challenges Students to Challenge Themselves”


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