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  • The Freedom Bells Keep Ringing: Thanks for #COGivesDay Donations!

    A smiling Dugan rings his bell

    And students keep right on ringing their Freedom Bells this week and next, and on into the New Year! Thanks to the 69 individuals who gave online on Colorado Gives Day, December 5, as well as the two dozen or more who brought in checks or cash. We especially want to recognize the Tuesday morning…


  • Wind Chimes of Freedom: This week’s 3 Wood Shop Projects

    C.G. near the front garden holding up her wooden wind chime shop project

    We have three graduations this week – Courtney, or C.G. as she has been known in her time at CCB, graduated on Monday, Suzie today, wednesday, and Ellen finishes on Thursday. All of them finished excellent wood shop projects last week. Ellen built a very nice bookshelf, and both C.G. and Suzie made the first…


  • Cindy takes charge!

    Looking down the serving area over all the trays of food as Cindy stands telling us about what she prepared

    Cindy served a great meal to the entire Center on September 4 as the culmination of her program. She had lots of family from Arizona with her – her Mom and sister, with two little nephews, as well as her Aunt and Uncle and two of her cousins made the long road trip from Nogales…


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