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  • Body Pads and Karate Punches: Tuesday’s Orange Belts

    Rachael flies through the air as Steve flips her to the ground
    Another round of testing for the Martial Arts class on Tuesday was followed by an awards ceremony. The entire Center turned out in the gym as five students and Travel Instructor Steve Patten all received orange belts from Karate Denver instructors Rachel and Travis. Steve is a bit of a ringer, of course, since he already has a black belt in Judo and competed internationally.

    Brittany throws Travis flat on his back on the mats
    Warren holds on to his cane while throwing elbow jabbs at the pads
    Jimmi throws Rachael to the ground while keeping hold of his cane

    Each class meets for eight sessions in our gym, learning any number of defensive strategies and moves, punches, kicks and holds. This class included Jay, Jimmy, Warren, Brittany, warren and Courtney C along with Steve.… Read the rest “Body Pads and Karate Punches: Tuesday’s Orange Belts”


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