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  • YouTube Star Expert Advocate Joins WE Fit Wellness Team

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    (Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to share this press release from WE Fit Wellness, both because it involves our own Maureen Nietfeld and because the Center is an underwriter of WE Fit’s initiatives.

    Colorado Springs, Colorado (September 1, 2015). Today, WE Fit Wellness announced the addition of Maureen Neitfeld to their team of expert advocates. Neitfeld stars on her own YouTube channel, Breaking Blind, which has nearly 10,000 subscribers and climbing. WE Fit Wellness is launching a multimedia initiative, which will include podcasts, community radio, WE Can Culture workshops, and the Breaking Blind YouTube channel.
    In January of 2015, WE Fit Wellness launched its programs to bring exercise and nutrition options to underserved communities.… Read the rest “YouTube Star Expert Advocate Joins WE Fit Wellness Team”


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