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  • A Bustling Day in the Gym

    A Bustling Day in the Gym

    A group of Martial Arts Students to the left and a row of Archery Students to the right
    Okay, Tuesdays can get a little wild anyway, what with Seniors coming and filling up our large conference room all morning. You gotta believe us – we love having them!

    But meanwhile, down in the gym …

    We had both Martial arts and Archery happening all at once. The wildest imaginations might hve the martial arts students blocking and catching flying arrows, but that’s not at all the scenario. That’s just imagination …
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    Zach H. takes aim with his Bow in Archery Class
    Sirena wards off an attacker in Martial Arts Class
    Lyne takes aim with her bow in Archery Class
    Suzi takes aim with her bow in Archery Class
    David D. wards off anattacker in Martial Arts Class
    Jesse takes aim with his bow in Archery Class
    Charles takes aim with his bow in Archery Class
    Graham in a fighting stance in Martial Arts Class
    Chaz throwing elbow jabs at the pad in Martial Arts Class


  • Bullseye with Blind Archery: #LivetheLifeYouWant @NSCD

    Bullseye with Blind Archery: #LivetheLifeYouWant @NSCD

    Petr, Mike, Chaz and C.G. gripping their bows to take aim with guidance from NCSD Instructors
    Zen and the Art of Archery was a popular book in the 1970s among a certain crowd in which martial arts practitioners became adept at hitting the bullseye while blindfolded. What does that mean? Who really knows, other than it was the era of the “Kung Fu” TV series.

    Nonetheless, our partners at NSCD arranged an archery class for some of our students, and it took place in the gym last Tuesday

    Dare we say it? It really hit the mark!.

    Courtney in sleepshades holding bow gets tips from NSCD's Mike
    An NSCD Instructor instructs Serena on how to draw back on the Bow
    Joy works with Josh on aiming her Bow