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  • Thank You for Our Best Colorado Gives Day, EVER! #Gratitude

    Give Where You Live - Colorado Gives Day December 7 2021

    Give Where You Live - Colorado Gives Day December 7 2021

    This December 7 you surpassed previous years with your support for the Colorado Center for the Blind and our programs for blind people of all ages, making 2021 one of the best we’ve been lucky enough to experience on Colorado Gives Day. And we’ve been part of it from the very beginning.

    So, we are more grateful than ever for the incredible support of our community in one of the more difficult years any of us may have experienced.

    Every year except 2020, we’ve held a big Thanksgiving meal in November. Students prepare for weeks in advance in their Home Management class, baking pumpkin and pecan pies, yeast rolls, turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing and cranberries, plus some other dishes.… Read the rest “Thank You for Our Best Colorado Gives Day, EVER! #Gratitude”


  • Celebrating Our Senior Programs in New Video!

    We’re proud of our senior programs and how they have changed the lives of seniors who have lost vision and the people who love them. We’re excited about how those programs continue to grow – from the residential Seniors in Charge (twice a year), to four support groups (one in Spanish), to ever-expanding opportunities to provide outreach services.

    And so we’re proud of our new Senior Program video, made with filmmaker and long-time collaborator Djuna “DJ” Zupancic. The video doesn’t talk about all the program details as much as it endeavors to tell what those programs and services have meant to five seniors in particular.… Read the rest “Celebrating Our Senior Programs in New Video!”


  • Guys in the Kitchen Week

    They had both kitchens to themselves on Tuesday as Home Management staff took other students on shopping trips in advance of the NFB of Colorado convention next week. Daniel and Marcus spread out and did their work – both preparing for their mini-meals, which is the second of three major meal requirements in Home Management. They’ve been cooking for fifteen and, as with all of the required meals they must find the recipes for three dishes, calculate the portions and the shopping list, and then do the shopping – all within the allotted budget.

    Daniel’s meal was served on Wednesday and it was an all-vegan triumph of a black bean and tortilla casserole featuring homemade tortilla chips, a vegan sour cream-substitute, and a peach cobbler for dessert.… Read the rest “Guys in the Kitchen Week”


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