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  • FAST November: Kicking off the Holiday Season with CCB!

    FAST - (Fun Activities & Skills Training) logo

    FAST - (Fun Activities & Skills Training) logo

    The date of our annual FAST Thanksgiving activity has been changed from earlier dates you may have seen.

    Blind students of all ages, families and teachers
    Colorado Center for the Blind, 2233 W. Shepperd Ave. Littleton CO, 80120
    Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10:00AM – 2:00PM
    If we are expected to eat the meal, we should be expected to help cook it as well.It’s becoming a bit of a tradition around here. November’s FAST Program is all about the meal we eat, the games we play, and most importantly, the people we share this time with. This year, on November 23, we will hold our own Thanksgiving get together, FAST style that is.
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  • Something’s in the air

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    Hey, there’s something in the air today, the first day of October!

    It’s coming from the kitchens here at the Center.

    Here’s the menu of what students are preparing this morning … and it’s just the morning class:

    • Spaghetti bolognese
    • ravioli with chorizo sauce & garlic bread
    • Homemade pepperoni lovers pizza
    • broiled lemon prawns with mediterranean salad
    • chicken fried steak and homemade mac and cheese

    Do ya think it smells great around here?


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