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  • Happy 89th Birthday to Our Founder, Diane McGeorge!

    a small well-dressed woman in her 70s stands at a podium, microphone near her face

    Diane mcGeorge stands at a podium, circa 2006. Not only did she found the Colorado Center for the Blind in 1988 and direct it for the next ten years, but she also served in numerous leadership roles in the National Federation of the Blind for nearly four decades. We send out a loving and hearty…


  • Solving the Blindness Puzzle: Trevor’s Tactile Rubik’s Cube #LivetheLifeYouWant

    As Trevor explains, he’s been “cubing” for years, figuring out better and faster ways to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Working out how to make the Cube tactile and using all that he’s already learned to solve it nonvisually is just a part of solving the blindness puzzle for Trevor – of taking charge and living…


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