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  • “Incredible Days” Lead to Living the Lives We Want! #COGivesDay

    A young woman holding a white cane faces us as she talks to a vendor.

    A young woman holding a white cane faces us as she talks to a vendor.
    Maura visits the vendor area at the 2019 NFB of Colorado Convention.

    Maura finished high school last spring and plans to go on to college next year. Before she did that, however, she was determined to obtain the skills she needed to be independent as a blind person so that nothing could hold her back in college, or beyond. We’ll let Maura tell you how it’s going in this post she made last month on Face Book. And we hope you will make a donation today, Colorado Gives Day.

    These past few days have been so incredible! On Friday, I completed my second CCB graduation requirement by making my mini meal.… Read the rest ““Incredible Days” Lead to Living the Lives We Want! #COGivesDay”


  • Pie-day Friday

    Adia, Melissa and Tyler (with 2 thumbs up) showing off their pies

    There are always firsts at the Colorado Center for the Blind. For example, today Casey, a relatively new student, went on his first independent route to Romancing the Bean. Sure, he’d been there before, but not traveling on his own. And that’s what makes it a first.

    Adia has been at the center since August, and last night she cooked her dinner party – for herself and five guests. This afternoon, Cody completed his mini-meal – it’s only for 15 people. He served Mississippi Pot Roast over smoked mashed potatoes and homemade bread.

    What makes the pot roast “Mississippi?”

    “A whole lot of butter.”… Read the rest “Pie-day Friday”


  • Thoroughbred Thursday: Throwdown, Throwback and the Thrill of Success!

    a smiling girl with missing front teeth and a woman with their hands on the same page of Braille

    It’s a horse race, for sure. It started this morning with the announcement that Laura was about to go on her support drop with Daniel. She made it back about 11:30, no problem.

    Mickey has been working on her mini-meal – for fifteenn guests – for the past couple of days. At noon she served a penne spaghetti with meatballs to die for, and chocolate chip brownies big enough for your head stone. There were plenty of extras to go around, no sweat.

    Julie has been excited all day about meeting 9-year-old Lexi to talk about Braille. Lexi’s teacher, Janet Anderson, brought her over to meet Julie and talk about ways to read Braille even faster.… Read the rest “Thoroughbred Thursday: Throwdown, Throwback and the Thrill of Success!”


  • Can a Geek Be a Good Cook? David’s Mini Meal

    Well, yes! And a geek who is blind can be too, as David describes how he’s come from being only able to warm up frozen French fries to making Shepherd’s Pie for fifteen people.


  • A Menu with Flair: Ceci’s Mini Meal

    Ceci working on her Mini Meal

    Tilapia and ratatouille were served to fifteen with flair for Ceci’s mini-meal, but that was no surprise!


  • And No One Left Hungry from Julie’s Mini Meal

    Julie admits she’d barely cooked at all before coming to the Center, but now she’s cooked and served a meal for fifteen!

    And no one left hungry … no one!


  • Lasagna from Scratch: Chaz’s Mini Meal

    Chaz admits he was only a little above the average college student with respect to his cooking skills. Now he’s made lasagna from scratch and fed fifteen people witt it.


  • What’s so “mini” about the #ITP Mini-meal? #LivetheLifeYouWant

    Well, the mini-meal is “mini” in comparison to the final Home Management assignment in our Independence Training Program …
    And it’s an interim step toward that final goal of cooking for 60 people. See, the mini-meal is only for fifteen!

    Here, Suzie, Parker, Ellen and Lyne put their meals in motion and on the table in early 2017. They’re learning how to “take charge with confidence and self-reliance”


  • A Long Way from Where She Started to Confidence: CG’s Mini-meal

    CG admits she’d done very little cooking before starting her training at the Center. Now she enjoys it, enjoys sharing with friends. Watch how calm she is as she prepares her mini-meal for 15 guests.


  • 18 Onions & What do You Get? Ryan’s Mini-meal & the Inside of Your Sleepshades Are Wet

    Ryan admits he was pretty happy to be wearing sleepshades as he chopped the 18 onions it took to make his French onion soup. He is also now excited about cooking something other than “meat” since he came to the Center.


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