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  • Kimberley’s Retirement Party Brings Surprise Guests

    Left to right, Kimberley, Tom and Linda.

    Kimberley was indeed surprised when Tom and Linda Anderson showed up at the Center today all the way from Kansas. They’re in town for her retirement party tonight. It was a little tricky keekping it a secret … Tom and Linda’s coming, not the party.

    Many of Kimberley McCutcheon’s Face Book Friends will already know this news. Kimberley’s decided to retire and move to a little farm in the hills of North Carolina. She started at the Colorado Center for the Blind in November of 1989 – just before the Center celebrated its 2nd anniversary. She was the Residential Manager, taught what we then called “Daily Living Skilss” (now Home Management), and has been Director of Career & Student Services for many years.… Read the rest “Kimberley’s Retirement Party Brings Surprise Guests”


  • A Magical Evening

    Three people stand at the front of a dimly-lit gym

    It was a magical evening. May 15 marked the end to a long career at the Colorado Center for the Blind for Tom Anderson. More than 150 people came to send Tom and Linda off to Kansas after 27 years teaching Braille – and several other duties. We fed them, and gave the tribute to Tom and Linda that we felt they deserved. And we did it without electricity.

    That Friday was a generally mild spring day. Sure there were sprinkles and rumbling thunder in early afternoon as the Center’s Board of Directors met in our new conference room, but all that passed over us.… Read the rest “A Magical Evening”


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