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  • Kansas Comings & Goings Today at CCB

    Luther Fuller of Kansas reading Braille before the National Braille Challenge

    Luther Fuller of Kansas reads Braille before leaving for the National Braille Challenge

    The NFB of Kansas President dropped by for a quick visit and tour this afternoon. Tom Page and his friend Nicole are in the area with Tom’s string band, the Haymakers. They played in Colorado Springs last night and will be in Denver at Cervantes’ Other Side tonight. Though a number of Kansas students have come to CCB for training over the years, this was Tom’s first chance to see the Center.

    “The energy is amazing,” he said.

    Tom and Nicole bumped into another Kansan this afternoon while visiting. Luther Fuller is part of the Summer for Success (College Prep) Program this summer.… Read the rest “Kansas Comings & Goings Today at CCB”


  • A Magical Evening

    Three people stand at the front of a dimly-lit gym

    It was a magical evening. May 15 marked the end to a long career at the Colorado Center for the Blind for Tom Anderson. More than 150 people came to send Tom and Linda off to Kansas after 27 years teaching Braille – and several other duties. We fed them, and gave the tribute to Tom and Linda that we felt they deserved. And we did it without electricity.

    That Friday was a generally mild spring day. Sure there were sprinkles and rumbling thunder in early afternoon as the Center’s Board of Directors met in our new conference room, but all that passed over us.… Read the rest “A Magical Evening”


  • Some Final Party Particulars

    Tom Anderson reading Braille with a student

    Just a few weeks away from May 15 and Tom Anderson’s retirement party!  The response is exciting – we’ve received more than 70 RSVPs already!
    Here are some more details about the party and some info for those who won’t be able to attend:

    When:  5 p.m. May 15

    Where: Colorado Center for the Blind
    2233 W. Shepperd Ave, Littleton, CO 80120

    What:    Light snacks followed by sandwiches, pasta salad, and retirement cake and a program!  There will also be beer and wine.

    We open the doors at 5 p.m. on Friday, and the formal program begins at 6:30 with raves and roasts from Diane McGeorge, Duncan Larsen, students past and present, as well as a light-hearted skit. … Read the rest “Some Final Party Particulars”


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