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Matt and His Swagalicious Mini-meal

Sometimes we get a chance to measure how far we’ve come in life, in school, in athletics or in a blindness training program. Matt found such a moment in his Home Management he worked on and ssucessfully cooked and served his mini-meal.

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How They Fed 120: The 2016 Summer Graduation Meal

The culmination of the Summer Program each year is of course the awarding of certificates and the talent show. Before that can happen, however, the masses must be fed. The summer students and their instructors draw on their collective learning in the kitchen over the summer and cook a meal […]

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Take our 2016 ITP video in smaller bites

We’ve taken our new Independence Training Program 2016 video and broken it down into smaller bites for YouTube viewers. We completed the new video and posted it in June, just in time for the NFB Convention in Orlando. That video is just over 22 minutes in length, a fair bit […]