Tag: McGeorge Mountain Terrace Apts.

  • Vicki embarks on a new chapter

    smiling woman shows off her new necklace

    Vicki was happy to show off the amethyst necklace she received as a farewell gift, along with a bottle of rose water. A reign as Residential manager has come to a close. None has served longer in that role. Tuesday (April 27) after hours, staff threw her a farewell party at the center, but the…


  • Signs of Spring

    Omar, Charles and Kameron move picnic tables while Julie and Duncan figure out placement

    Sometimes spring arrives in Colorado in waves that feel like that bad bus driver, the one who alternately steps on the gas and then lets off, again and again, rocking you forward and back into half-nausea. That’s how it’s been this year – 80 degree days followed by an icy blast of wind and snow…


  • Who has snow blowers on their roof? McGeorge Mountain terrace Apartments does!

    Roofing crew on top of the apartents with their snow blowers

    Okay, we haven’t been talking about this much, because it’s kind of stressful. But on January 11 the roof of the McGeorge Mountain Terrace Apartments began to leak. The leaks were massive, and the insurance adjuster traced them back to hail damage that would have occurred last summer. Water damaged the ceiling in all 12…


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