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  • A Farewell Wave to Our Alabama Friend

    a woman wearing sleep shades uses her cane to maneuver in the Travel Lobby.

    We want to give a farewell wave to Jessica Edmiston, who spent Monday through Thursday here at the Center, not just observing, but working under sleep shades all week, going to classes with student mentors and working on the basics of Braille, Assistive Technology, cooking and travel. And as it happened, she was here to witness three graduations, including partaking of the meals prepared for 60 by the graduates, and the awarding of their Freedom Bells!

    It’s no small deal for Jessica to take a week to do this, since she’s the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Birmingham Regional Center Director.… Read the rest “A Farewell Wave to Our Alabama Friend”


  • Shout out to La. Tech Grad Faculty & Students – Safe Travels! @PDRIB210

    Three men seated at a long table, facing a room of listeners.

    Safe travels to our friends from Rustin as they head back to Louisiana on Friday! Two faculty members and five graduate students in Orientation & Mobility from Louisiana Tech University spent this week in the Denver area, observing and working with our staff, exploring the Metro area and testing out the RTD system.

    Dr. Eddie Bell, Director of Louisiana Tech University’s Professional Development and Research Institute on Blindness (PDRIB), brought Instructor Derek Williamson and the five grad students currently in the program. They stayed in our apartments, and spent some time with our Cane Travel Instructors and students, but we didn’t see them a whole lot.… Read the rest “Shout out to La. Tech Grad Faculty & Students – Safe Travels! @PDRIB210”


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