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  • DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    DAR Donates Tactile Stars and Stripes

    Four women stand together, smiling at the camera as the woman with a white cane displays the flag
    Julie Deden shows us the Tactile Flag presented to CCB by the Mt. Rosa Chapter of the DAR. Shown with her, from left to right, are DAR members Marsha, Sally, Julie, and Kathryn.

    We were excited to welcome three members of the Mount Rosa Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on Tuesday, September 13, who presented us with a tactile American flag. They accurately surmised that we might not have an actual flag that blind people could touch and make sense out of. Now we have one!”

    Of course, we have the Stars and Stripes in our meeting room, but flags are made nowadays in such a way that you can’t feel any difference between the red and white stripes or the field of blue, let alone the 50 white stars there.

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  • No Virtual Sharks

    No Virtual Sharks

    Fourth-grader Jax removes the shark liver, which looks a bit like bunny ears.

    Some things just don’t translate to the virtual. (Okay, after nearly two years with Zoom in our lives in a big way, we can say that a lot of things don’t really translate well.) Let’s put our annual shark dissection for blind and low vision students high on that list.

    And we’re not talking about the smell of fishy Formaldehyde down in the gym, though that is also true.

    We missed a year because of COVID concerns in 2021, and you could feel that surge like we are coming back as nearly 30 students participated in this year’s annual shark dissection with Arapahoe Biology Professor Terry Harrison on Monday.… Read the rest “No Virtual Sharks”


  • April’s FAST Saturday at @DenverArtMuseum #TactileTables

    April’s FAST Saturday at @DenverArtMuseum #TactileTables

    Join us for the April Fun Activities and Skills Training (FAST) on Saturday, April 13 at the Denver Art Museum. We’ll be exploring “Treasures of British Art” at DAM’s Tactile Tables. It’s art that is accessible to everyone, except that there is room for only fifteen in our group! Admission to the museum is free.

    We will take a van from CCB to DAM, or you can meet us there. Please RSVP and let us know if you will need a ride from CCB or meet us at the Hamilton Building. Here’s a quick schedule for the day:

    9:45 Meet at CCB
    10:00 Van leaves for the Denver Art Museum
    10:45 Gather at the Hamilton Building, which is the south building, between 12th and 13th Avenues (the north building is closed for construction)
    11:00 to 1:00 tour of the Tactile Tables with our docent
    1:15 depart for CCB
    1:45 – 2:00 Pick up students at CCB

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  • Fifth Shared Visions Tactile Art Exhibit May Be Best Yet! #TactileAccess @ArapahoeCC (@artdesignatacc

    Fifth Shared Visions Tactile Art Exhibit May Be Best Yet! #TactileAccess @ArapahoeCC (@artdesignatacc

    It may be the best yet! This year’s “Shared Visions” tactile art exhibit at the Colorado Gallery of the Arts at Arrapahoe Community College (ACC) featured even more tactile painting pieces, a series of “boxes” from another class that were in every instance surprising, as well as an installation of an idyllic natural setting,complete with a trickling spring.

    It’s the fifth year that we’ve collaborated with Arapahoe Community College’s Art & Design Center, and the fourth year our students had some of their own work on display.

    The best news is that it’s open till Monday, December 3! In fact, this Friday our Senior Program will be making a pilgrimage to see it.… Read the rest “Fifth Shared Visions Tactile Art Exhibit May Be Best Yet! #TactileAccess @ArapahoeCC (@artdesignatacc”


  • #FAST Friday to Explore the Stars with @AstronomyatACC

    #FAST Friday to Explore the Stars with @AstronomyatACC

    Astronomy Event - Telescope and tactile graphics in front of a star filled night sky
    Whirling overhead at all times are stars, planets – whole galaxies. Humans have always wondered at them and about them. Blindness is no impediment to curiosity, including in the area of astronomy, nor is their any reason blind people can’t learn much in this field, often thought to be too visual. Some have even become astronomers themselves.

    So, with the help of Arapahoe Community College Astronomy Coordinator and Instructor Jennifer Jones this month’s FAST (Fun Activities and Skills Training) Friday program for blind youth will teach about the stars with tactile graphics of constellations, 3D printings of telescopes and, finally, a trip outside to see what is in Friday night’s sky.… Read the rest “#FAST Friday to Explore the Stars with @AstronomyatACC”


  • Solving the Blindness Puzzle: Trevor’s Tactile Rubik’s Cube #LivetheLifeYouWant

    Solving the Blindness Puzzle: Trevor’s Tactile Rubik’s Cube #LivetheLifeYouWant

    As Trevor explains, he’s been “cubing” for years, figuring out better and faster ways to solve the Rubik’s Cube. Working out how to make the Cube tactile and using all that he’s already learned to solve it nonvisually is just a part of solving the blindness puzzle for Trevor – of taking charge and living the life he wants!