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Monthly archives for October, 2015

Kicking it in Karate

We are excited about our new partnership with Karate Denver’s in Littleton. Martial Arts has long been a part of our Independence Training Program (ITP), and we’ve included classes in our Summer Youth and Senior Programs as well. Like everything we teach and do at the Center, it really comes down to confidence, but of… Continue Reading Kicking it in Karate

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When you think of Haylee, think of yellow

Haylee might have been a little stressed out as she approached her graduation day, but to all outward appearances, she made it all look seamless, right down to her quick change of outfits prior to giving a polished and well-researched speech after cooking all day. Haylee first came to the Center for our summer program… Continue Reading When you think of Haylee, think of yellow

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Cynthia: Kindness and Concern for Others & Independence

Cynthia finished her final weeks in the Independence Training Program (ITP) while working her new part-time job. Thus she finished things out in a slightly unusual order, cooking a delightful grad meal on a Thursday, then finishing her woodshop project before her last requirement – giving a speech to the entire Center the next week.… Continue Reading Cynthia: Kindness and Concern for Others & Independence

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Good Hands from the Cowboy State

We were delighted to host six staff members from the Wyoming Independent Living (WIL) Visually Impaired Program (VIP), which provides services for Older individuals who are Blind across Wyoming for a two-day professional training on blindness. Duncan, Wayne, Anahit and Petr gave a thorough overview of blindness and aging, as well as technology, Braille, cane… Continue Reading Good Hands from the Cowboy State

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Guys in the Kitchen Week

They had both kitchens to themselves on Tuesday as Home Management staff took other students on shopping trips in advance of the NFB of Colorado convention next week. Daniel and Marcus spread out and did their work – both preparing for their mini-meals, which is the second of three major meal requirements in Home Management.… Continue Reading Guys in the Kitchen Week

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Seniors Tune In with Assistive Listening Devices

A couple of weeks ago Student and Senior Services Specialist Wayne Marshall presented this question to our Independence Training Program (ITP) students as part of Wayne’s Wednesday Word of the Week: “Is there a difference between listening and hearing?” Coincidentally, both our Tuesday and Friday Senior groups have been enjoying the benefits of really hearing… Continue Reading Seniors Tune In with Assistive Listening Devices

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Something’s in the air

Hey, there’s something in the air today, the first day of October! It’s coming from the kitchens here at the Center. Here’s the menu of what students are preparing this morning … and it’s just the morning class: Spaghetti bolognese ravioli with chorizo sauce & garlic bread Homemade pepperoni lovers pizza broiled lemon prawns with… Continue Reading Something’s in the air

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