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A woman presents a certificate to another woman, standing beside a podium.


Farewell to Lian

Lian told us the story of a curious child from China. We knew who she was taling about. Here Julie presents her Certificate of Achievement. We said farewell to Lian, who returned to Beijing in December. One of her last accomplishments was in the public speaking class when she told Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Young woman in sleepshades pours a sauce into a hotel pan
Salem spent two years just trying to get to training. No wonder she’s grinning as she prepares her grad meal for 60! Salem worked for two years to be able to come for training at the Center. She loves Braille, and more than once praised her Mom for insisting that Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
A tall young man receives his bell
Jerad prepared a paleo meal for 60 before receiving his Freedom Bell from Kimberley. It was “paleo man’s” turn on December 3. That refers to his diet and his grad meal, for the record. “was that a great meal?” exclaimed Kimberley, who presented Jerad with his Freedom Bell. “I want Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Curtis never lost his determination to earn the Freedom Bell and now it’s his! Curtis was the perfect gentleman as always during the love session at his graduation. He simply said “Thank you” with a grin, and continued to soak up all the praise and affection heaped on him by Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
student showing lettering "Life the life you want!"
Ahimsa’s shop project reads “Live the life you want!” It was definitely a day to celebrate when Ahimsa graduated on November 12, 2015, and she was more than ready! She came away from her training with a positive sense of herself as a blind person and the satisfaction of knowing Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Two people roll cookie dough into balls
The holiday season is always a busy time as well as a family time, and it’s no different with our Colorado Center for the Blind family. Travel Instructor Steve Patten always volunteers to take a hand helping with Christmas cookies. He and student Natalya look sharp in matching red aprons. Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Two men and a womanadd sleepshades and white cane to their snow person that has a carrot nose.
Marcus, Mo and James mentor their snow person that is indeed respectable to be blind. We at the Colorado Center for the Blind appreciate your support! As a result of Colorado gives day we raised over $20,000. These funds will make it possible for us to serve more kids this Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Senior points to the furry white fringe of the Christmas stocking as a man holds the red toe
Judy shows Dan the stocking she sewed for her great-granddaughter. While we received exciting coverage on 9News at the Center along with National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) for Colorado Gives Day, and tracked our total as it rose, Tuesday, December 8 was a lot like every other day Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
As the air warms and the snow begins to melt, as our students and some staff head for the airport after the delays and canellations of mid-week’s storm have sorted theselves out, here’s a holiday message from (most) of our self-assembled student choir at the Center: Read More
 Posted by Dan Burke
Vicki and Mo making and throwing snowballs A snowball is flying out of Vicki's hand right toward us
The Colorado Center for the Blind uses innovative techniques to teach proven blindness skills to our students, but the secret to our success is the confidence our students gain in themselves – the confidence to take aim at their dreams and hit their mark! December 8 is Colorado Gives Day, Read More
 Posted by Mike Thompson