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  • Graham’s Tech Project

    Graham editing tracks on the computer for his tech project

    Graham's hands turn dials on the audio mixing board, mic, headphones and guitar visible

    It just so happens that Graham graduated today, but we’re posting a sample of his Tech Class project. He of course worked with screen readers and other tools in his Tech Class, but as a songwriter and musician with a fair bit of recording experience, he wanted to try his hand at recording and mixing a music track for his final Tech project. Tricky enough, but it takes some skill and patience with the computer and screen reader to make it work with audio editting software, and then only a few such applications are actually accessible for blind users. So, that’s what Graham did, selecting Amy Winehouse’s “Love Is a Losing Game,” recording vocals and guitar and multiple tracks for background vocals, then editting and ixing … Well, here’s asnippet, just to give you the flavor.… Read the rest “Graham’s Tech Project”


  • Happy #PiDay from CCB … Cheesecake will do!

    Trevor definitely knows what day it is …It’s probably just a coincidence though that he’s baking 6 cheesecakes for his graduation March 30. It’s close enough for Pi Day though!


  • From Super Bowl Parade to Freedom Bells: A Video Retrospective of 2016

    Got about 20 minutes to be wowed?

    We’re just back from our 2016 National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Convention in Lone Tree from October 27 to 30. All staff and students attended and, since we’re an NFB training center (the NFB of Colorado started the Center in 1988), Executive Director Julie Deden always makes a report the the entire convention about all that’s happened in the last year. It’s always a highlight of an affiliate convention that is full of highlights. This year Julie’s report included this video of 2016 highlights and retrospective of our graduates this year.… Read the rest “From Super Bowl Parade to Freedom Bells: A Video Retrospective of 2016”


  • Christopher: Keep your heart open

    Christopher receiving the bell

    Christopher receiving the bellA big heart and steadfast determination to finish his training at the Center despite significant health challenges are the things that fellow students and staff remarked on again and again Friday morning when Christopher was awarded his Bell of Freedom.

    Julie Deden noted the disruption in the middle of his program as she presented his bell, and how he insisted on continuing. But the most important thing, said Julie, is that Christopher has “such a big heart”, and that he’s always ready to help others, volunteering to help out with youth programs and more.”

    “Christopher’s determination was fueled perhaps by the successes of students after he arrived.… Read the rest “Christopher: Keep your heart open”


  • Alum Reem Graduates CC of Aurora with 4.0

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    (Editor’s Note: This press release was forwarded to us by the Community College of Aurora, and it is certainly worthy to be shared with all. Congratulations to Reem!)



    Reem Hamodi Graduates with 4.0 GPA

    May 9, 2016 – Aurora, CO – When Reem Hamodi arrived in the United States five years ago from Iraq, she wasn’t sure what to expect.

    She felt isolated because her English wasn’t perfect and communicating with others was a challenge, especially because Hamodi is also blind.

    Despite those challenges, Hamodi graduated from the Community College of Aurora on May 7 with an Associate of Arts degree in psychology and with a 4.0 grade point average with the intention of becoming a psychology professor.… Read the rest “Alum Reem Graduates CC of Aurora with 4.0”


  • Joey’s Hollywood Ending

    Joey grins as he rings his Bell of Freedom

    Joey wanted to return to the Center for a full training program ever since he came to a summer program as a teenager in 2005. Finally, his Dad put the question in his mind – was he ready to take care of himself if something happened to his parents? That’s when Joey went into action. It took work to do it, Julie told us, but ultimately Joey returned to the Center last summer. He graduated on April; 13.

    “Joey is a man who follows through on everything,” Julie remarked before awarding his Bell of Freedom. “Your teachers are so impressed at how you get your assignments done without procrastinating.”… Read the rest “Joey’s Hollywood Ending”


  • Shelby: The Choir Director Gets Her Bell

    a smiling Shelby rings her Bell of Freedom

    a smiling Shelby rings her Bell of Freedom
    Shelby’s graduation on April 8 brought her parents and, grandparents all the way from South Carolina, as well as a family friend who lives in Scotland.

    Shelby came to the Center as a brand-new high school grad last summer, and so it was the second time her parents and grandparents had been to the Center – they also came for the summer youth graduation at the end of July.

    “When we have students come to us right out of high school and stay for a full training program, we see so much growth in them. That’s certainly true of you, Shelby,” Julie told her as she prepared to present the bell of Freedom.… Read the rest “Shelby: The Choir Director Gets Her Bell”


  • Vika: If I can cook for 64, I can cook for my family someday

    Vika receiving her bell

    Vika ringing her bellOn April 6 it was Vika’s turn to ring her Bell of Freedom. She cooked a meal of barbecued chicken, potato wedges that used 30 pounds of spuds, and peach cobbler.

    Vika slicing potatoesWhen Julie asked if if she’d ever done any cooking before coming to the Center, she said no.

    “My parents were afraid I would hurt myself, and they didn’t know how to teach me. That’s why I wanted to come here and be around other blind people who know how to do things and can teach other blind people.”

    “And I’ve met so many wonderful people and had such wonderful teachers.”… Read the rest “Vika: If I can cook for 64, I can cook for my family someday”


  • Peter: This is your journey to make

    two isntructors awrd the bell to the student

    Peter culminated his amazing journey on April 1 with his grad meal and the Bell of Freedom he worked so hard to earn.

    “It was suggested that I come here 20 years ago,” Peter toldus. “I didn’t because I didn’t believe I was blind.”

    Peter with the horse he carved out of alabasterIndeed, Peter came from Brooklyn as one of our more mature students, but clearly young enough (and wise enough) to work hard and learn. In the mix he brought his mentorship to his fellow students and re-discovered his passion for making art in Ann Cunningham’s class

    Peter forms a bowl on the potters wheel with both hands cupped around the clay and both thumbs forming the center“I’m so happy and proud … This has been an amazing journey for me,” he told everyone.… Read the rest “Peter: This is your journey to make”


  • Tabea: I didn’t know I would grow in the ways that I have

    Tabea grins as she holds her bell of freedom


    a young woman grins as she holds her bell of freedomTabea’s time in the spotlight came on March 12 when her travel instructor David Nietfeld presented her with her Bell of Freedom.

    “When Tabea first got here her sister Sarah was finishing up,” David said. “For a while it was kind of the Meyer Show. Some might have been tempted to wonder how Tabea would do once her sister left, but we know for sure now the kind of person she is.”

    “She is a go-getter, she pushes herself. She is definitely someone who gets things done.  I am proud of her, and many others are too.”

    David teased that “she’s a bit of an over-achiever”, going to six new locations on her Monster Route, not just the required four.… Read the rest “Tabea: I didn’t know I would grow in the ways that I have”