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  • When you think of Haylee, think of yellow

    a young woman wearing sleep shades carries a large pot of boiling pasta to the strainer at the sink

    Haylee might have been a little stressed out as she approached her graduation day, but to all outward appearances, she made it all look seamless, right down to her quick change of outfits prior to giving a polished and well-researched speech after cooking all day.

    Haylee first came to the Center for our summer program in 2014, just after her high school graduation. Always a bundle of fun – riding her skate board, shooting baskets, and a mean goal baller – she wasn’t crazy about carrying a white cane at first.

    “Haylee has always taken my arm when we went places together,” her sister Kaitlynd told us at the Bell Ceremony.… Read the rest “When you think of Haylee, think of yellow”


  • Cynthia: Kindness and Concern for Others & Independence

    Woman wearing sleepshades stands beside a row of hotel pans filled with food

    Cynthia finished her final weeks in the Independence Training Program (ITP) while working her new part-time job. Thus she finished things out in a slightly unusual order, cooking a delightful grad meal on a Thursday, then finishing her woodshop project before her last requirement – giving a speech to the entire Center the next week.

    woman in sleep shades removes large sheet of cookies from a glowing ovenHailing from Oklahoma, she decided to stay in Colorado. Not only does she have her new job, but her own apartment as well.

    So it was with a special sense of pride for her achievements that we ate her final meal, checked out the lovely bookshelf she built and heard her final speech on “How to get a job.”… Read the rest “Cynthia: Kindness and Concern for Others & Independence”


  • Cindy takes charge!

    Looking down the serving area over all the trays of food as Cindy stands telling us about what she prepared

    Cindy served a great meal to the entire Center on September 4 as the culmination of her program. She had lots of family from Arizona with her – her Mom and sister, with two little nephews, as well as her Aunt and Uncle and two of her cousins made the long road trip from Nogales to be a part of her celebration of success and independence.

    Cindy made her Uncle’s chicken recipe as part of her chicken salad, which was accompanied by a peach iced tea and strawberry shortcake. Despite a food processor malfunction the morning of her graduation, she powered through on the strength of the confidence she has gained in herself throughout her program, and on the confidence her instructors have in her.… Read the rest “Cindy takes charge!”


  • Andy earns his Freedom Bell

    Andy shaking his ceramic Bell of Freedom with a big smile

    On August 27 Andy graduated from the Center following eight months of joyful learning powered by an intense desire for personal independence.

    “I can’t teach hard work and motivation,” his Home Management Instructor, Maureen told . him.

    Andy was a role model of both characteristics. He rarely missed a day and accepted each day’s new challenge with an equanimity that belied his eagerness to try new things.

    After three academically successful semesters of college studying Computer Science, he came to the Center because he wanted something more for himself. With virtually no skills in the kitchen or independent travel, he decided he needed to take time off from academics.… Read the rest “Andy earns his Freedom Bell”