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  • They’re coming today, the #CCBSummer17 students! 2016tells what’s ins store:

    Summer staff with canes crossed in the air

    Summer staff with canes crossed in the air

    That’s right, Summer 2017 students are all arriving today by planes, … well automobiles at least. Their counselors have been here for nearly two weeks, getting classrooms and apartments ready, creating lesson plans and getting in touch with the students – even finding out what them might like for dinner tonight! It’s the start of eight dynamic weeksof challenge and growth because, as we always say, this isn’t a camp, it’s a PROGRAM!

    Last summer, after eight weeks, after the final meal cooked by the summer students for family and the etire Center, after the talent show and passing out of certificates, and as the packing and apartment cleaning started, Summer 2016 students and staff took a few moments to reflect on what the summer meant to them.… Read the rest “They’re coming today, the #CCBSummer17 students! 2016tells what’s ins store:”


  • Summer Students Spoof Their Summer Counselors

    Unheard of, we know. But our 2016 summer students gained so much confidence they decided to spoof their summer counselors and Brent in an imagined staff meeting. Shockingly accurate …



  • From Super Bowl Parade to Freedom Bells: A Video Retrospective of 2016

    Got about 20 minutes to be wowed?

    We’re just back from our 2016 National Federation of the Blind of Colorado Convention in Lone Tree from October 27 to 30. All staff and students attended and, since we’re an NFB training center (the NFB of Colorado started the Center in 1988), Executive Director Julie Deden always makes a report the the entire convention about all that’s happened in the last year. It’s always a highlight of an affiliate convention that is full of highlights. This year Julie’s report included this video of 2016 highlights and retrospective of our graduates this year.… Read the rest “From Super Bowl Parade to Freedom Bells: A Video Retrospective of 2016”


  • How They Fed 120: The 2016 Summer Graduation Meal

    Three students inside a serving window, each serving from a different pan of food

    The culmination of the Summer Program each year is of course the awarding of certificates and the talent show. Before that can happen, however, the masses must be fed. The summer students and their instructors draw on their collective learning in the kitchen over the summer and cook a meal for as many as 120 guests. All ITP staff and students, summer staff and students, parents and summer employers are invited. If you didn’t get to test the meal for yourself, you can get an idea how it turned out watching the video:


  • A Send-off for Two Colleagues and Friends

    Not only did we say good-bye to our 24 summer students in the past week, we also saw the departure of two friends and colleagues who’ve been with us for much of July.

    We’ve been excited to host Kimie Beverly as a student for the past three weeks. Kimie is President of the National Federation of the Blind of Nevada and a past NFB Scholarship recipient. Sunday she flies to Baltimore where she starts on Monday working at our National Center for the Blind on legislative initiatives such as the Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment , or TIME Act.… Read the rest “A Send-off for Two Colleagues and Friends”


  • Summer’s end 2016 …

    A young woman and young man with guitar perform before a seated crowd. They wear stunning hats.

    If only the Beach Boys were right about “Endless Summer”! This summer is ending, but 24 students from Colorado and five other states as well as Mexico, there were some great moments. From Denver’s 16th Street Mall to rafting on Clear Creek, from cooking in the kitchen to rock climbing at Eldorado Canyon, from canoeing, work experience or campus visits, to the NFB Convention in Orlando … they gained the confidence of conquering it all, these are young people with a future!

    Today the last of our Summer students passed through DIA to catch their flights home. Wednesday was the big graduation Celebration, with a meal for over 100 cooked entirely by the students, awarding of certificates and a talent show.… Read the rest “Summer’s end 2016 …”


  • Summer Jobs Wrapping Up

    Hard to believe our summer programs are coming to an end. Today summer Earn & Learn students are finishing up their 40-hour internships across the Metro area. Not only do they gain valuable work experience – for some it’s their first paid job – but they travel independently to their job sites on foot and by public transportation.  Jobs include
    retail, reception, food service, checking web accessibility, radio production in Boulder, child care and all the chores at a riding stable, among others.  Thanks to all of our employers for supporting our students!  Hope you can all make to the draduation ceremony next Wednesday!… Read the rest “Summer Jobs Wrapping Up”


  • Summer students take their shot with water rockets!

    Jamie (bottom right) holding the rocket with a group of CCB youth launching water rockets

    Saturday, July 16 was our Summer Science Seminar. With 24 summer youth we divided into three groups and rotated between three science activities. Martin strapped on the Go Pro and followed all three groups through their water rocket activity with Jamie Principato, a blind physics student who just finished her Associate’s degree at Arapahoe Community College in May. Jamie will enter the University of Colorado-Boulder in August. Oh yeah, Jamie is also our Math Tutor.


  • Summer Interns at @TheRightStepInc Braille the Saddle Bags

    Christina, Keaton and Marie are working as interns for our long-time partners, The Right Step this summer. In fact, it’s Marie’s second year in our summer program and working at The Right Step. Their work includes cleaning stalls, cleaning old horse shoes to be reused, cleaning tack and taking care of the horses.

    This morning they cleaned tack and then helped put up new Braille labels in the tack room. That’s the subject of this short video.

    As an FYI, each horse has its own bag with its very own curry comb and brush, halter, lead rope and hoof pick.… Read the rest “Summer Interns at @TheRightStepInc Braille the Saddle Bags”


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