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  • Turkeys and Ten Years of Colorado Gives Day #CoGivesDay

    Turkeys and Ten Years of Colorado Gives Day #CoGivesDay

    Emily stands next to the stove with a golden-brown Turkey she just took out of the oven

    Colorado Gives Day 2019 is December 10, and it’s the tenth year of this highly successful program to encourage online giving to Colorado nonprofits like the Colorado Center for the Blind. And were proud that we’ve been a part of Colorado Gives Day from the very first!

    Sure, we’ll gratefully accept donations any day, any time, but Colorado Gives Day on December 10 gives all of us some distinct advantages. Let’s mention, um, 10 of them!

    1. This is the giving season, and Colorado Gives Day comes at the time of year many of us are already thinking about giving.
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  • FAST November: Kicking off the Holiday Season with CCB!

    FAST November: Kicking off the Holiday Season with CCB!

    FAST - (Fun Activities & Skills Training) logo

    The date of our annual FAST Thanksgiving activity has been changed from earlier dates you may have seen.

    Blind students of all ages, families and teachers
    Colorado Center for the Blind, 2233 W. Shepperd Ave. Littleton CO, 80120
    Saturday, November 23, 2019 from 10:00AM – 2:00PM
    If we are expected to eat the meal, we should be expected to help cook it as well.It’s becoming a bit of a tradition around here. November’s FAST Program is all about the meal we eat, the games we play, and most importantly, the people we share this time with. This year, on November 23, we will hold our own Thanksgiving get together, FAST style that is.
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  • #Thanksgiving Turkeys and Structured Discovery

    #Thanksgiving Turkeys and Structured Discovery

    Before learning to carve a turkey, a blind person can greatly benefit from learning the bird by touch – how things are connected and how they will come apart. Since our students and Home Management staff started preparations for our own Thanksgiving meal (held a week before the actual holiday) Dishon Spears led students through this discovery process with turkeys that had been cooked and then refrigerated over night.

    After that are some shots of all the food we ate! We have a lot to be thankful for!


  • Thankful for Each Other: Our 2016 #Thanksgiving Together

    A hand with tongs loading turkey onto a paper plate
    Chris Kinney does his best Regis reading a card for Who Wants to Be A Millionaire
    A Dozen Hotel Trays of food arrayed on three tables

    We were more than ready by noon last Thursday! we’d been waiting for this meal for two weeks, smelling the roasting turkeys and the pies and so much more! Of course, all of our students had a part in preparing it, so they’d been right in the kitchen smelling what we were at last all going to be very, very thankful for!

    It’s an annual event. A week before Thanksgiving we hold our own Thanksgiving gathering at the Center prior to everyone’s dispersal to families and friends across the country. We start off after morning classes with an hour or so of potluck appetizers furnished by staff and maybe a game or two.… Read the rest “Thankful for Each Other: Our 2016 #Thanksgiving Together”