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  • Just what is a “mock interview?

    Job Seekers participate in Mock Interviews

    The rule of thumb is that a good resume gets you an interview, but it’s in the interview that you get the job. How can you be successful at interviewing? With coaching and practice!

    If you have never interviewed for a job before, if you haven’t interviewed for a job since becoming blind, if you haven’t interviewed in a long time, then a mock interview is just for you! It’s a low-pressure chance to get some coaching and practice.

    During our April 17 career and college seminar at CCB, Making Connections that Work for You, you can sign up for a series of three mock interviews as one of the afternoon breakout sessions.… Read the rest “Just what is a “mock interview?”


  • Making Connections that Work for You 2018 #Careers #College

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    2nd Annual Career and College Seminar


    sponsored by

    Colorado Center for the Blind,
    2233 W. Shepperd Avenue
    Littleton, Colorado 80120

    Tuesday April 17, 2018

    9:00 am registration 10:00 am program begins
    Lunch will be provided

    To reserve your spot, register at the link below or call Monique Melton, Employment Specialist, at 303-778-1130 extension 221.

    Morning Sessions:

    Keynote Speakers:
    Dianne Primavera, CEO of Susan G. Komen, former state legislator, Colorado Division of Vocational Rehabilitation supervisor/counselor and much more.

    Judy Mares-Dixon, owner of Mares-Dixon & Associates, has worked in the conflict resolution field since 1986.

    Employment Panel:
    Scott Labarre, attorney
    Petr Kucheryavyy, manager, Charter Communications
    Marcus Sands, wood worker and furniture builder

    Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

    Each participant will choose two sessions to attend from these options:

    • Rehabilitation 101 – getting started
    • Working in the federal government – what to expect
    • The Business Enterprise Program – an exciting opportunity
    • Get set up with a Workforce Center to find a job!… Read the rest “Making Connections that Work for You 2018 #Careers #College”


  • Colorful CCB Alum Doing Color Commentary for Penn Women’s Ice Hockey Broadcasts

    Matt at CCB reading a Braille book

    Matt Wallace graduated from CCB in October of 2016. None of his contemporary students would be at all surprised to hear that Matt is doing color commentary for the Penn Women’s Ice Hockey team broadcasts. Matt loves sports. Matt knows sports. Matt talks sports. And talks and talks sports. Hey, savvy broadcast execs, recognize value and start paying Matt and his partner Sam to talk to your audience about sports. Take a look at this video posted on the Philadelphia Enquirer web site with a news story:


  • Recent Newspaper Articles Highlight CCB Partnerships

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    We wanted to bring your attention to a couple of newspaper articles that appeared in November and brought attention to the Center. Both reflect great partnerships that help us ensure that our students can, as our tag line says, learn to “Take Charge with Confidence and Self-reliance!”

    The first, from November 5, appeared in the Denver Post’s YourHub. It’s about our neighbor and partner, Angel Concept in downtown Littleton. The article isn’t about the Center, but it features one of our students who has been learning job skills there. For a number of years, we’ve counted on Angel Concept to also mentor one of our summer youth in the “Earn & Learn Program”, helping them gain valuable work experience.… Read the rest “Recent Newspaper Articles Highlight CCB Partnerships”


  • J.D. Named Editor of the “Colorado Fire Fighter”

    J.D. with his cane in front of a Large Colorado Mountain Scene

    J.D. Holcomb

    Last Monday our student J.D. couldn’t wait to report his big news.

    “Good news isn’t as good if you can’t tell someone,” he said at morning announcements.

    He went on to tell us that he had been named Editor of the Colorado Fire Fighter, the newsletter of the Colorado State Fire Fighters Association (CSFFA). His increasing skill and confidence with nonvisual access to computers and the Internet permit him to put his native skills in writing and editing to work on the CSFFA newsletter.

    J.D. was a volunteer fire fighter in northeastern Colorado for many years before becoming blind a year and a half ago, and is still strongly dedicated to the CSFFA and the work its members do across the state.… Read the rest “J.D. Named Editor of the “Colorado Fire Fighter””


  • A little about CCB at #NFBCO17 – @nfbco

    Ryan at the podium with Julie and Scott to the right at NFBCO17

    Blanca at the Podium at NFBCO17
    Tabea at the podium at NFBCO17
    Ryan at the podium with Julie and Scott to the right at NFBCO17

    Everyone – staff and students – were in Fort Collins last weekend for the 63rd Convention of National Federation of the Blind of Colorado. For some, it was their first convention, while others were very involved in a number of activities and divisions.

    Above these three recent alums were at the podium at different moments. Left to right: Blanca was part of the CCB presentation talking about her training and her new job; Tabel was one of the scholarship winners, but here is
    shown as part of the “My Blindness, My Self” panel; and Ryan also talked about his new job, and how he was quickly moved to a new position that challenged him even more.… Read the rest “A little about CCB at #NFBCO17 – @nfbco”


  • “I rang my Freedom Bell (again)!” Serena has a new job!

    Serena ringing her Freedom Bell

    Serena ringing her Freedom Bell at her graduation

    Editor’s Note: What follows is an e-mail Director Julie Deden received from Serena, a recent graduate of our Independence Training Program (ITP).Serena is the fifth ITP grad to find employment in the last month or so. It’s the best kind of news! We print the message with her permission.

    * * *

    Hi Julie,

    I have some great news for you.  Today, I received my official offer of employment from the NJ Commission for the Blind!  I’ll be working with blind seniors.  I’ll be starting on October 30th.

    Words can’t express the gratitude I feel towards you and all my instructors for all I learned during my time at CCB. … Read the rest ““I rang my Freedom Bell (again)!” Serena has a new job!”


  • Summer Was Fun, and Especially Our Saturday Science Day!

    Trevor with Maggie and Amy assembling robots

    Trevor with Maggie and Amy assembling robots

    Here are a few pics from our Science Saturday way back in July! Studens rotated between three stations – basic chemistry, a station dedicated to weather, and a robotics class using Lego Mindstorms.

    With the first serious fall weather this week – misty rain, leaves turning and starting to litter the lawns and sidewalks – it’s kind of fun to think about how hot it was that day out front with the bucket and the hose!

    The point of course is to show our students that blind people can do science and – Wow! – it’s even fun!

    Ashley working with Keila on edible candle science project
    Maggie and Lauren watch as as their experiment produces gas that inflates balloons


    Ashley simulates how a tornado looks using a bucket and water, with Roland, Faye and Keishawn. Our volunteer Kaylooks on.


  • Soldering wires nonvisually is .. well, a BLAST! @BlackbyrdFly @COSpaceGrant

    Jamie talks to Maddie while she works with a breadboard

    Jamie talks to Maddie while she works with components on a breadboard

    Somebody had to do it. So Jamie Principato decided she would take the skills she’d learned and taught herself as a blind Physics student involved with a Colorado Space Grant rocket project and teach them to other blind students. That’s where the idea of BLAST came from – Blind Learning All Skills Too launched on August 10 with the express purpose of teaching other blind people the skill of soldering small electronic devices, the precursors of instruments like those Principato and other students at Arapahoe Community College (ACC) built earlier to send high into the Earth’s atmosphere.

    Naturally, we were excited to host the BLAST project’s first-ever soldering and circuitry workshop for blind participants.… Read the rest “Soldering wires nonvisually is .. well, a BLAST! @BlackbyrdFly @COSpaceGrant”


  • Making Connections – It Was Really Big

    Diane McGeorge gives the Welcom address at the Career and College Seminar

    Diane McGeorge welcomes a packed room of attendees from the podium
    Wow! Nearly 150 were on hand Friday, March 10 for our first Making Connections that Work for You Seminar. It really worked! Thanks to all that attended!

    Colorado's Chief economist Alexandra Hall gives a stirring and entertaining Keynote address at the Career and College Seminar
    Erin Wilkerson, and Emily Friedhoff of Inverness Hotel in the exhibit hall
    tables in the exhibit area are thronged with job seekers and students

    We especially want to thank our keynote speaker, Alexandra Hall, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Director of the Division of Labor Standards and Statistics and Chief Economist. She was inspiring, as she said she was instructed to be, but also funny and smart and gave us just enough stats to make us think. Best of all, she’s living proof that finding your career path doesn’t necessarily mean going in a straight line.… Read the rest “Making Connections – It Was Really Big”


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