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  • How does our garden grow? Awesome!

    a smiling young woman parts green foliage to find a bulbous purple eggplant

    Every Tuesday morning a different group of Center students heads out back to our Legacy Garden to meet the Colorado Master Gardeners from Arapahoe County, and to see just what’s happening out there. Students work with the Master Gardeners to plant, cultivate and harvest the bounty. In these hot, hot days of August the lilies are done blooming, but the vegetable garden comes into its own, and it really is a bounty!

    On recent Tuesdays students have begun bringing in eggplant, zucchini (quite large), tomatoes, tomatillos, various peppers, kale, cucumbers, celery, basil and peaches! The produce is used in the kitchen in Home Management class or taken home for personal cooking by the students at the McGeorge Mountain Terrace Apartments.… Read the rest “How does our garden grow? Awesome!”


  • Matt and His Swagalicious Mini-meal

    Matt at CCB reading a Braille book

    Sometimes we get a chance to measure how far we’ve come in life, in school, in athletics or in a blindness training program. Matt found such a moment in his Home Management he worked on and ssucessfully cooked and served his mini-meal.


  • How They Fed 120: The 2016 Summer Graduation Meal

    Three students inside a serving window, each serving from a different pan of food

    The culmination of the Summer Program each year is of course the awarding of certificates and the talent show. Before that can happen, however, the masses must be fed. The summer students and their instructors draw on their collective learning in the kitchen over the summer and cook a meal for as many as 120 guests. All ITP staff and students, summer staff and students, parents and summer employers are invited. If you didn’t get to test the meal for yourself, you can get an idea how it turned out watching the video:


  • Knight’s No-choice Cafe: Warren’s Philly Mini-meal

    Warren standing with his cane outside the Center with the Mountains in the Background

    It was a true taste of Philly when Warren served his Mini-meal for fifteen last month.

    HIGHLIGHTING the menu were Amorosa Kaiser Rolls flown direct from the bakery in Philly and iced Wawa coffee. And there were other touches, despite the No-choice ‘menu … ut we’ll let Warren and his guests tell you all about it:


  • Our Independence Training Program Video Updated for 2016

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    We’ve updated our Independence Training Program in time for the National Federation of the Blind’s 2016 convention June 30 to July 5 in Orlando. There are new voices as well as well-known ones, new insights and time-tested gems as well about how the Center’s program can help blind students take charge of their lives with confidence and self-reliance. It’s live, so take a peek on our YouTube channell now!


  • CCB Chopped! A Recipe for Confidence & Fun

    Skills and confidence in the kitchen are the twin goals our Home Management instructors have for their students. So a while back they ratcheted up the expectations – and the fun – with CCB’s own version of the Food Network‘s reality cooking show Chopped. The four combined classes were each divided into two teams of two or three members that competed against each other. Like the TV show that pits chefs against one another, each team got a basket of selected ingredients that they were required to incorporate into their three-course meal. They had two hours to create and then to present their creation to the three judges.… Read the rest “CCB Chopped! A Recipe for Confidence & Fun”


  • Breaking Blind: How a Blind Person Washes a Car

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    If you didn’t know it already, Maureen is diva of the Breaking Blind YouTube channel. Teaching Home Management at the Colorado Center for the Blind is just her day job. This video was shot late last summer, and is timely now that the weather’s finally turned hot again …


  • Alyssa’s Mini-meal

    Alyssa recently finished her mini-meal. Let her tell you about it.


  • Holiday Season at the Center

    The holiday season is always a busy time as well as a family time, and it’s no different with our Colorado Center for the Blind family.

    While many were preoccupied with Cyber Monday, we brought in our tree and decorated it in the meeting room. Cookies were baking in all three ovens in the kitchen. Even Travel Instructor Steve Patten donned a red apron to help out. Meanwhile, out at the front desk, Robert solemnly presided over the drawing of names for the Secret Santa exchange as he does each year.

    One of the most popular activities every year is led by Senior Services Director Duncan Larsen – she teaches any who want to try how to string popcorn and cranberries, which of course encircle the finished tree – though not so much as half of the popcorn popped gets onto the tree.… Read the rest “Holiday Season at the Center”


  • Guys in the Kitchen Week

    They had both kitchens to themselves on Tuesday as Home Management staff took other students on shopping trips in advance of the NFB of Colorado convention next week. Daniel and Marcus spread out and did their work – both preparing for their mini-meals, which is the second of three major meal requirements in Home Management. They’ve been cooking for fifteen and, as with all of the required meals they must find the recipes for three dishes, calculate the portions and the shopping list, and then do the shopping – all within the allotted budget.

    Daniel’s meal was served on Wednesday and it was an all-vegan triumph of a black bean and tortilla casserole featuring homemade tortilla chips, a vegan sour cream-substitute, and a peach cobbler for dessert.… Read the rest “Guys in the Kitchen Week”