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  • How we held our first Juneteenth celebration

    Two young Black men wearing COVID masks and holding white canes stand under leafy trees.

    Two young Black men wearing COVID masks and holding white canes stand under leafy trees.Last month we celebrated Juneteenth for the first time at the center, thanks to a request made by two of our students, Q and James, shown left to right above.

    James is from Georgia and wanted to have a Juneteenth celebration because the day is celebrated back home. Julie readily agreed. Barbecue being the traditional way to celebrate, James determined to grill up burgers and brats for the entire center, with delicious baked beans and corn on the cob, of course. Home Management Instructor Dishon Spears gave him lots of support. Then In philosophy, we read the Emancipation Proclamation and Q led a discussion of its continued importance to Black Americans.… Read the rest “How we held our first Juneteenth celebration”


  • It’s a new kind of graduation, and Charis is the first!

    Charis holding her Bell of Freedom standing next to Julie in the Front Lobby at the CCB

    Charis holding her freedom Bell in the lobby, Julie next to herToday Charis is graduating from the center. Hers will be a unique graduation, with the actual Freedom Bell ceremony and the “love session” that typically follows being conducted on Zoom for social distancing purposes. No hug from Julie.

    Charis was just one week away from finishing her program when we closed the building in late March and many of our students went home. Graduation means, among other requirements, that she must cook a meal for the entire center. Today that’s about 30 of us altogether.

    Charis holds up one of several trays of food for her grad meal at the service windowOn the menu was Mediterranean quinoa salad, home-baked challah dinner rolls and Devil’s Food cupcakes.… Read the rest “It’s a new kind of graduation, and Charis is the first!”


  • “How My Life Changed at the Colorado Center for the Blind” @CatchTheseWords

    Holly headed out from the Center with her cane

    Editor’s Note: We introduced you to holly some months ago, when the weather was warmer and she was a relatively new student at the center. She comes from the United Kingdom and her drive to attend the Colorado Center for the Blind stems in part from the fact that, as she says “there aren’t any training centers where I’m from.” And that means not even bad ones. Holly is a widely-read blogger on disability and blindness (Catch These Words), and we thought her thoughts on this video after completing our program – one of the more rigorous blindness training programs there is – offer us all an important perspective on what we do here, and why.

    Read the rest ““How My Life Changed at the Colorado Center for the Blind” @CatchTheseWords”


  • Turkeys and Ten Years of Colorado Gives Day #CoGivesDay

    Emily with a golden-brown Turkey she just took out of the oven

    Emily stands next to the stove with a golden-brown Turkey she just took out of the oven

    Colorado Gives Day 2019 is December 10, and it’s the tenth year of this highly successful program to encourage online giving to Colorado nonprofits like the Colorado Center for the Blind. And were proud that we’ve been a part of Colorado Gives Day from the very first!

    Sure, we’ll gratefully accept donations any day, any time, but Colorado Gives Day on December 10 gives all of us some distinct advantages. Let’s mention, um, 10 of them!

    1. This is the giving season, and Colorado Gives Day comes at the time of year many of us are already thinking about giving.
    Read the rest “Turkeys and Ten Years of Colorado Gives Day #CoGivesDay”


  • A Last Look at CCB Thanksgiving 2017

    Dishon, Maureen and Vicki around the L shaped tables loaded with hotel tray full of food for Thanksgiving 2017s

    Starting with a little turkey structured discovery right up to the point where we start stuffing our faces, when the videographer puts away his camera to get in line. Even journalism has its natural limits.


  • Plenty to be thankful for: Our 2017 #Thanksgiving Feast!

    Lia, Ravi, Mason S. and Mason M. prepare four large turkeys to go into the ovens

    Lia, Ravi, Mason S. and Masson M. prepare four large turkeys to go into the ovens

    There was plenty on Thursday, November 16 – plenty to eat and to be thankful for at our 100-percent student-prepared Thanksgiving Feast!

    It’s tradition at the Colorado Center for the Blind to hold our own Thanksgiving feast before we break for visits to family and friends on the official holiday. Our students cook it all with the guidance of our unparalleled Home Management staff, and there are always a lot of “firsts”.

    For example, every year there are students who have never seen what a turkey looks like just out of the refrigerator. So on Tuesday, with serving gloves on, students examined and explored the four turkeys that eventually became our dinner.… Read the rest “Plenty to be thankful for: Our 2017 #Thanksgiving Feast!”


  • Pie-day Friday

    Adia, Melissa and Tyler (with 2 thumbs up) showing off their pies

    There are always firsts at the Colorado Center for the Blind. For example, today Casey, a relatively new student, went on his first independent route to Romancing the Bean. Sure, he’d been there before, but not traveling on his own. And that’s what makes it a first.

    Adia has been at the center since August, and last night she cooked her dinner party – for herself and five guests. This afternoon, Cody completed his mini-meal – it’s only for 15 people. He served Mississippi Pot Roast over smoked mashed potatoes and homemade bread.

    What makes the pot roast “Mississippi?”

    “A whole lot of butter.”… Read the rest “Pie-day Friday”


  • Thoroughbred Thursday: Throwdown, Throwback and the Thrill of Success!

    a smiling girl with missing front teeth and a woman with their hands on the same page of Braille

    It’s a horse race, for sure. It started this morning with the announcement that Laura was about to go on her support drop with Daniel. She made it back about 11:30, no problem.

    Mickey has been working on her mini-meal – for fifteenn guests – for the past couple of days. At noon she served a penne spaghetti with meatballs to die for, and chocolate chip brownies big enough for your head stone. There were plenty of extras to go around, no sweat.

    Julie has been excited all day about meeting 9-year-old Lexi to talk about Braille. Lexi’s teacher, Janet Anderson, brought her over to meet Julie and talk about ways to read Braille even faster.… Read the rest “Thoroughbred Thursday: Throwdown, Throwback and the Thrill of Success!”


  • Celebrating Our Senior Programs in New Video!

    We’re proud of our senior programs and how they have changed the lives of seniors who have lost vision and the people who love them. We’re excited about how those programs continue to grow – from the residential Seniors in Charge (twice a year), to four support groups (one in Spanish), to ever-expanding opportunities to provide outreach services.

    And so we’re proud of our new Senior Program video, made with filmmaker and long-time collaborator Djuna “DJ” Zupancic. The video doesn’t talk about all the program details as much as it endeavors to tell what those programs and services have meant to five seniors in particular.… Read the rest “Celebrating Our Senior Programs in New Video!”


  • CCB Legacy Garden: Kimberley & the Master Gardeners

    Last year’s gardening season, with the Arapahoe County Master Gardeners from first to last spade, and Kimberley giving us historic background.


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